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Hood Latch

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Each part of your vehicle, even those that seem plain and basic, contributes to your vehicle's performance. Take the hood latch, for example. This latch is responsible for keeping the hood in a closed position; should you need to check on things in the engine bay, the latch can be released so you can raise the hood. There are actually two types of hood latches used on vehicles. The manual latches need to be engaged or disengaged from under the vehicle's hood. Some hood latches lock and unlock through a hood release cable. The release cable can be controlled via a button on the dashboard or a handle on the floor beside the driver's seat. These hood latches are usually equipped with emergency-release cables that can be used if the main release button fails to function. Hood latches may be controlled in different ways, but these have the same function: to keep the hood down and secure parts in the engine bay. So, when your vehicle's stock hood latch gets damaged, don't hesitate to get a replacement. You can start by browsing our catalogs at Carparts.

• Securely keeps the hood down

• Helps the hood in protecting auto parts in the engine bay

• Does not require meticulous maintenance and easy to install