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Hood Scoop

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Just how important is air to your vehicle's engine system? Air is what helps the engine burn fuel and convert its chemical energy into more useful mechanical energy. Air is also vital in the engine cooling process; cool air is helpful in picking up and dissipating engine heat from the radiator. So the higher the amount of air intake is, the more efficient your vehicle's engine is. And one of the ways you can increase your vehicle's air intake is through the hood scoop. The hood scoop is designed to be mounted on the hood, on top of the engine bay. From this position, the hood scoop draws in cooler, denser air into the engine compartment. With the increased air intake, the engine's power output is bound to increase as well. You can think of it this way: air from the grille will go directly to the intake system while air from the hood scoop goes to the engine bay. On top of that, a hood scoop can make your ride look sportier!

• Aids the cooling process by hoarding in more air via an opening on the hood

• Concentrates airflow in the engine bay

• Additional aesthetic accessory for your vehicle