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Hotchkis is a manufacturer of control arms, trailing arms, lowering springs, leaf springs, sub frame connectors, handling and traction parts for muscle cars both European and imports, and shocks and other performance suspension. This brand has been in the business for so many years and has been able to obtain the trust of various DIY communities around the globe as well as auto manufacturers because of its superior products.

Race Pages has collaborated with Hotchkis to bring you three of their most renowned products namely the Hotchkis coil springs, Hotchkis trailing arm, and Hotchkis suspension kit. These products are a league of their own when it comes to durability and performance. All of Hotchkis' automotive products are made from only the highest quality materials and manufactured using only the most advanced technology available. Moreover, Hotchkis' products have undergone stringent testing in order to match and exceed manufacturers' specifications for quality and wear performance. That's why with Hotchkis' you can be sure that you are getting only the best product there is.

There are three reasons why you need Hotchkis' suspension kit. First, you need a high quality coil spring to ensure that your vehicle's weight is well supported. Secondly, coil springs control the height as well as keep the tires firmly in contact with the road. Thirdly, coil springs affect the alignment angles of your vehicle. It is also a vital component in controlling the suspension system of the vehicle. In terms of the trailing arm, its role is to prevent the rear axle from moving left and right during turns. To understand the function of the trailing arms better, now say for instance, the body of the vehicle is going one way but the axle wants to go in the opposite. The trailing arm would prevent the axle from going in the opposite and forced it to follow the direction of where the body wants to go. After knowing the complexities of the suspension system, don't you think it make sense to get only the best?