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It is easy to tell when you need to replace your vehicle's wheels, tires, and lights. These parts clearly indicate when their replacement is due. However, there are other parts that need to be replaced when the engine has worked a certain number of hours or miles. This is where an hourmeter comes in handy. The air filter, for example, requires replacement after 15000 miles. Overextending the use of air filter will allow dirty air to enter the engine. Accumulated dirty air can cause engine damage, or at least the weakening of some vital engine components. The hourmeter prevents these problems by providing you with an accurate indication of how many hours your engine has worked and how many miles your vehicle's gone. So make sure that your vehicle's hourmeter works perfectly and displays the right information. That way, you can perform your scheduled auto maintenance tasks at the right time. In the event that the hourmeter fails to come up with the correct readings, replace it right away. Get the premium replacement here at Carparts.

• Reliably displays current engine hours and miles

• Helps you keep up with scheduled replacement tasks

• Available in chrome finish and includes colored bulb covers for a customized look