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Hub Cap Set-up in Three Easy Steps

Hub caps are the trendy metal-or plastic-pieces that both decorate and cover the exterior of a car's wheel. Mainly designed to provide an upgrade in the vehicle's looks, they are one of the most in-demand car accessories in the market. Have four of them and you can enjoy a drive that has both class and style. Luckily, that kind of ride isn't hard to achieve. Follow these steps and you could have your fashionable hub caps installed in a breeze.

Required skill level: Novice

Tools you'll need

  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Four trendy hub caps
  • Examining your car's hub caps

    Different hub caps require different-but easy, just the same-forms of installation. Some are pinned into place with clips, while others are bolted with lug nuts. For easy installation, use a wrench or screwdriver, especially when you see spaces for nuts or bolts on the hub cap's surface.

    Removing the old hub caps

    For bolted hub caps, unfasten the nuts with a wrench first so the caps can be easily pulled off the wheel. But if these ornamental covers are just snapped in place, you can simply pry them off with a screwdriver.

    Installing the new hub caps

    Align the new hub caps with the bolts or clips that would put them in place. Make sure that each cap is completely and evenly positioned around the wheel. While aligning, note that the tire's valve stem should not be covered. Once the new hub caps have been perfectly positioned, tighten the nuts with the wrench. As for hub caps fastened with clips, simply push the caps onto the wheel. Check if the new hub caps are secured tightly by tapping the edges with your feet. Repeat the steps for all wheels and enjoy the posh drives after!

    Upkeep tip

    Some car owners may enjoy accessorizing their vehicles too much, changing car parts too often. We don't discourage such penchant, but we'd like to remind you of the possible damages this may cause to your car. Frequent taking off and putting on of hub caps would thoroughly expose the fasteners to wear and tear, eventually making the covers prone to falling off. For a long-lasting stylish ride, it is best to replace or install new hub caps only when necessary.

    Hub Cap Articles

    • The Better Hub Cap: CCi versus APA/URO Parts

      Make your car look classy, rugged, stylish, robust, and all the other possible adjectives you can think of. You can achieve whatever look you desire for your car by simply putting on hub caps on your wheels! CCi and APA/URO Parts both guarantee top-rate design, perfect fit, and durability in their respective selections of hub caps, but which brand stands better in terms of covers for the wheel center? We checked their specifications, and this is what we observed:


      Certainly, both brands can upgrade your car's looks with their lines of hub caps made compatible for almost any vehicle make and model. CCi, however, wins this round with its larger inventory of hub cover models. A car owner's accessorizing experience is made easier with its more varied selection of cap designs that can flexibly cater to the automobile look desired. Aesthetically, CCi products are also more stylish compared to the simple exteriors of the APA/URO Parts hubcaps.

      WINNER: CCi


      Product fit, as in any car part, trickles down to the installation process. CCi and APA/URO Parts both score in this measure with their easy-to-install, perfect-fit hub caps. Both brands pride themselves on the amount of laboratory research they conduct to get the precise fit that can be apt for the needs of most vehicles. These efforts are realized with DIYers being able to install their products in a breeze.

      WINNER: CCi and APA/URO Parts


      You can get a CCi hub cap at $18- $197. But the priciest an APA/URO Parts hub cap can get is $12. That's a difference of more than a hundred bucks! Because of that, APA/URO Parts beats CCi in this criterion.

      WINNER: APA/URO Parts


      Though hub caps from both brands are subjected to a series of tests and product research, APA/URO Parts wheel center covers stand out with the extensive laboratory procedures they undergo. Before release, each steel and rubber component in the APA/URO Parts products are exposed to extreme conditions to test their strength, stiffness, and compression. The brand's quality assurance is capped off with the unlimited-mileage or two-year APA/URO Parts warranty that comes with each hub cap purchase.

      WINNER: APA/URO Parts

      The verdict

      CCi hub caps are better in terms of their wide variety of trendy designs and good product fit, but this is countered by APA/URO Parts' affordability and commitment to quality. Apparently, APA/URO Parts bags the title in this encounter, although the choice ultimately depends on the customer. Which would you prioritize-style or price? You decide.