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Just because your vehicle is rugged and husky, doesn't mean you want it to look weathered. To keep the interior of your SUV, pickup, van, or even your Hummer looking great, try Husky floor mats. These mats are specially designed for larger vehicles with 3/8" ridges-40 percent taller than other floor mats. Water, dirt, mud, and even oil and gasoline is trapped in the ridges and away from your interior, so you will save on cleaning time. Husky floor mats can endure a lifetime of rugged on- or off-road vehicle driving. The extra-thick driver's heel pad is constructed of tough rubber guaranteed not to crack or break; you will never have to replace your Husky floor mat. An ingenious feature of Husky floor mats called SPiNs (Sta-Put Nibs) solves the problem of slippage by preventing shifting and keeping your mats in place so they can do their job: protect your vehicle flooring.
Husky floor liners boast the same rugged standards, but kick your vehicle protection up a notch with custom molded fits for your front, second, third and cargo areas. Whether you own a pickup, sport utility vehicle or van, Husky floor liners fit your vehicle like a glove. The patented rubberized thermoplastic material of Husky floor liners repels water, snow, mud and stains. Furthermore, even chemicals like oil, gasoline, battery acid and other interior-unfriendly substances wipe off from Husky floor liners with ease, eliminating time and money spent on expensive detailing and carpet shampooing or vacuuming. By maintaining your vehicle carpeting with Husky floor liners, you increase your resale value and keep your interior looking brand new for life.
For special protection of your cargo space, you will want a custom molded Husky cargo liner. Made of the same tough, durable and patented material as Husky floor liners, these lifetime cargo liners protect your carpets and flooring from dirt, mud, snow, water, pet damage, oil, gasoline, battery acid, and much more. You will never need to replace your vehicle carpets with the added protection of a Husky cargo liner-and since they are guaranteed not to break or crack, you will never have to buy another liner for your vehicle.
One of the least expensive, and often overlooked, add-on you can invest in for your truck, van or sport utility vehicle is the mud flap. Not only do Husky mud flaps protect your vehicle's finish and undercarriage from rock chips and keep it relatively free from mud and tar, they also look good on your vehicle with a custom contoured fit and easy installation. Quality Husky mud flaps come with a lifetime guarantee, eliminating the need to replace them for as long as you own your vehicle.

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  • Husky Liners: Precision & Technology

    When it comes to protecting your interiors, Husky Liner is a brand you should know. Click here to find out more about Husky Liner.
    Keeping your vehicle's cabin looking at its best is a matter of giving it excellent protection. Give your cabin the care and protection it deserves with the right set of Husky Liner products. Husky Liner is one of the leading custom cargo liner, floor mat, and mud guard providers in the automotive industry. Offering a wide selection of custom-fit covers designed for cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks, Husky Liner has all the products you need to keep your vehicle cabin protected.
    Each Husky Liner cover or lining is custom-molded for specific applications, guaranteeing a snug fit for easier and faster product installation. Made from high-strength materials, Husky Liner products guarantee resistance to harmful chemicals and corrosive elements. Unlike similar products from other brands, every single cover or mud guard from Husky Liner is fade resistant. Also, the brand covers each of its products with a specialized topcoat designed to protect the component from the sun's harsh rays. As for the product's appearance, Husky Liner makes sure that all its items are manufactured using composite substrates designed to meet OEM standards. To ensure optimum product durability and performance, Husky Liner products are subjected to strict, quality-assurance tests before being released in the market. This allows Husky Liner to keep improving each of its products.
    Despite the tough competition in the industry, Husky Liner continues to excel when it comes to providing its consumers with quality floor liners and covers. The brand thrives and flourishes in the auto industry with its growing list of satisfied customers. So what makes Husky Liner an excellent brand for custom cargo liners and mats? It offers what few companies can provide-unmatched service and quality products.

  • Choosing the Right Husky Liners Product, For the Right Job

    Husky liners can save you money by keeping your car clean and wear-free

    Whether you haul battery acid or Basset hounds, your SUV will look like new with a Husky cargo liner

    Skip the OE floor mats and get real interior protection with Husky floor liners and floor mats

    You'll find the solution for tool storage in your SUV with a Husky truck tool box

    Do you think spending money on a set of Husky floor mats sounds like a silly idea? Then you haven't priced replacement carpet sets for your car recently. One of the best ways to maintain the resale value of your vehicleor to not get socked with hefty lease turn-in feesis to keep the carpet in pristine shape. And the best way to protect your carpet is with a set of Husky floor mats. Husky floor mats aren't related to those cheap nylon remnants they sell at the local parts storesthose floor mats look worse than ratty carpet. Husky floor mats are premium, heavy-duty rubber mats that are good-looking and seriously tough. Your Husky floor mats will stay where you put them thanks to the engineered nibs on the back of the mats, and heavy wear areas of Husky floor mats are reinforced for long life. You didn't think so much engineering could go into a floor mat, did you? If you're trying to build the best of anything, it takes a lot of thought. Husky floor mats take interior protection to the next level, so if you're serious about keeping your floors looking good, Husky floor mats are the only choice you need to make.

    There are floor mats, and there are Husky floor liners. Don't confuse the two, as they're completely different animals. A floor mat, like what comes in your car from the dealership (or used to, anyway), is mainly an appearance option that offers some minimal protection for your vehicle's carpet. A Husky floor liner is a heavy-duty full-floor thermoplastic liner that is molded to fit yoru vehicle perfectly. If you live in a climate that sees snow and road salt, or you face rain and mud in your travels, a Husky floor liner is the ideal solution for keeping your interior clean. Stock floor mats capture a lot of the muck you bring in on your feet. The problem is, then the floor mats look terrible, and they're not easy to clean. Husky floor liners, on the other hand, are easy to remove and hose down, after which they look just as good as newand so does your vehicle carpet. To help you in low-traction situations, Husky floor liners are embossed with a tread pattern, and they'll stand up to whatever you drag inwater, oil, gasoline, and battery acid included. There's finally a solution to protecting the interior of your hard-working truck: Husky floor liners.

    A Husky cargo liner is basically a Husky floor liner designed to fit in the cargo area of your sport utility vehicle. That means you get all the advantages of the Husky design in your Husky cargo liner, including extra heavy-duty construction and molded-in ridges for traction, just in a larger format to cover the rear carpeting of your SUV. Think about how much you haul in your truck, and how much time you spend cleaning up afterwards. On the other hand, think about how much you don't haul in your SUV because you're scared of trashing the cargo area. A Husky cargo liner solves the problem. Whatever you want to throw in the backa gas can, a load of mulch, or a dozen car batteriesyour Husky cargo liner can handle it. The tight fit and tall sidewall ensures that nothing can escape from your Husky cargo liner, and the Husky cargo liner is guaranteed not to break or crack even in the coldest weather. If you don't get much utility from your sport utility vehicle, make a change for the better: Add a Husky cargo liner and stop worrying.