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Hyundai Alternator

When you see the battery warning light appear on your dashboard panel, this indicates a charging system problem, possibly with your Hyundai alternator. The electrical system depends on your battery power to function, which in turn relies on the Hyundai alternator to keep it charged. The Hyundai alternator produces this charge by converting the mechanical energy of the engine into electrical energy. This process uses a serpentine belt to transmit the rotation of the crankshaft, using it to turn the Hyundai alternator, which produces an alternating electrical current, or AC power. This alternating current is then channeled into diodes, to convert it into direct current energy that can be used to charge the battery. The Hyundai alternator is capable of producing between 500 and 1500 watts of power depending upon demand, and charges the battery constantly as the vehicle runs. If there is not enough voltage produced by the Hyundai alternator the battery warning light is triggered to warn of a potential charging problem. The vehicle will most likely continue running for a while once the warning light shows, using the reserve power in the battery. This will not last long, once the reserve power is depleted, and with no charge from the Hyundai alternator, the battery cannot produce power to start or run the vehicle. If your Hyundai alternator has failed, we carry a selection of quality replacements in our user-friendly online catalog. You will find it easy to order your Hyundai alternator on our secure site, with our low prices and expert customer service to ease your way. If you prefer to place your Hyundai alternator order by phone, our toll-free line is available for your convenience.

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