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Hyundai CV Boot

The Hyundai CV boot is part of your vehicle's axle assembly. This particular component is the most frequent cause of axle assembly problems, and it can be one of the most difficult to repair. In a Hyundai CV boot, the "CV" stands for constant velocity, so named because the Hyundai CV boot, along with the CV shaft and joints, is responsible for supplying continual torque to your wheels during the cornering and up-and-down motion of your suspension system. Cracks in your Hyundai CV boot allow dirt and grime into the CV joint, which in turn clogs the motion of your suspension and damages the entire system. In order to save expensive damage to your car, truck, or SUV, any cracks in your Hyundai CV boot must be detected immediately. It is a good practice to inspect your Hyundai CV boot with every oil change and replace them at the first sign of wear or damage. Unfortunately, by the time your Hyundai CV boot is cracked, it may be too late to save your CV joints. The constant velocity system of your suspension is delicate, and proper lubrication must be maintained in order to provide the handling you need for driving safety. If you have a cracked or worn Hyundai CV boot, you can try to replace just the boot, but the process is time-consuming and not always effective in repairing the damage to your system. It is often better in the long run to replace your entire axle assembly with a fresh, closed CV system. You will save time and money down the road by ordering a new axle assembly that comes with intact Hyundai CV boots. Browse our extensive online catalogue to find the Hyundai CV boot or axle assembly that is made for your vehicle and avoid damaging and potentially hazardous steering problems.