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Hyundai Elantra Bumper

The horizontal panel you see at the front and back of the vehicles is the automotive part called, bumper. These are typically made of bent sheet of metals with specifications that fit almost the horizontal length of the front or rear of the vehicle. Front and rear bumpers are of the same use which is to shield parts that are obscured by these components by taking in the impacts caused by minor crashes and/or collisions. Although these are not meant to protect the occupants and the vehicle from the forces of major accidents, bumpers will lessen the amount of damage to the vehicle as well as those inside it. This works because a bumper is integrated with shock absorber which is mostly used with spring loaded formula. It is mostly effective during low-impact front and rear collisions as it will withstand the force without breaking it.

In the early days, bumpers served the automobiles being just functional to some degree of protection. However, not too long ago, automotive designers decided that bumpers are great medium to enhance aesthetic-wise of a vehicle. After some careful and meticulous designing, the result was the proliferation of different kinds and finishes of automotive bumpers. These were scattered in the automotive markets. Profound impact influenced many enthusiasts so that its use was considered one of the best way to upgrade the look of an automobile and yet at just a minimum of the cost.

Another result was, bumpers were crafted made with different materials. The most recent one was the use of the plastic. Though not as tough as bumpers made of metals, plastic bumpers do provide their own level of functionality and aesthetic improvement. Other kinds of bumpers that can be found in the market are those constructed with urethane, fiberglass, rubber, and painted light metal.

For Hyundai Elantra vehicles, bumpers are available right in different with different finishes manufactured by various OEM and aftermarket automotive manufacturers. Hyundai Elantra bumpers will provide protection to some parts of the vehicle and its passengers as well as elevate its aesthetic attributes.

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