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Hyundai Oxygen Sensor

When your Hyundai oxygen sensor is malfunctioning, you're likely to experience a variety of symptoms relating to an inefficient combustion process, as this part has an important role in regulating the air-to-fuel ratio. Your Hyundai oxygen sensor measures the amount of oxygen remaining in the fumes as they leave the combustion area and begin their progress through the exhaust system. If the oxygen levels are not within the range that indicates efficient operation, then your Hyundai oxygen sensor signals the main computer of your vehicle, which, in turn, signals the need for adjustments to be made to the air-to-fuel mixture. If your Hyundai oxygen sensor is malfunctioning or has failed completely, your air-to-fuel ratio is likely to revert to the default settings, which tend to be on bit on the rich, or fuel heavy, side. This can cause, among other symptoms, rough running and idling, increased fuel consumption, a general sense of reduced power, and can contribute to the damage of other sensitive parts, such as the catalytic converter, because of increased and unbalanced emissions. Our online catalog features the full range of replacement parts and accessories that you need to keep your Hyundai in great condition for as long as possible, including a selection of Hyundai oxygen sensor replacements spanning many years and models of vehicle. Installing your new Hyundai oxygen sensor is not too difficult, something that can be accomplished by the average home mechanic or inspired do-it-yourselfer, with the contents of the average home toolbox set. You can order your Hyundai oxygen sensor at a reasonable price online, using our securely encrypted site, or you can place your order with a quick phone call to one of our efficient customer service specialists.