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Hyundai Santa Fe Window Visor

Tips in Cleaning and Refurbishing Your Hyundai Santa Fe Window Visor

Are you having trouble driving away different road elements from your vehicle's windows? Then you must not worry anymore because your Hyundai Santa Fe window visor is up for the task at hand. It allows you to partly roll down your windows anytime you want to because it deflects particles and even water droplets from your window area. Thus, you must keep this car accessory well-maintained at all times for a more convenient road trip. Listed here are tips that can keep your window visor in top condition:

  • Use the appropriate cleaning materials to get rid of dirt and stains on your window visor.

You can use a smooth cloth soaked in warm water to wash away the dirt particles from your window visor thoroughly. In addition, you may use a laundry detergent for stains that cannot be removed by simply wiping the surface. Keeping your window visor dirt-free can decrease its chances to be faded or damaged.

  • Use a cleaner for the inner area of your window visor according to its type of material.

The inner area of your window visor must also be kept clean at all times. For this matter, you can use a mild carpet cleaner if your window visor is lightly padded or has a thin cushion. On the other hand, you can use a mild plastic or glass cleaner if your window visor is made from plastic or has a metal-like coating. Moreover, you can use a soft sponge for wiping and spreading the cleaner according to the type of your window visor. In this way, dirt accumulation can be avoided in the inner area of your window visor without damaging its material.

  • Apply a protectant to give your window visor an enhanced look, and to protect it from fading.

After a thorough cleaning of your window visor, you can apply a protectant. It is very helpful in enhancing the look of your window visor. Moreover, the protectant can shield your window visor from the harmful rays of the sun, which can cause fading and discoloration.

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  • Essential Tips for an Efficient Installation of Your Hyundai Santa Fe Window Visor

    Your Hyundai Santa Fe window visor allows you to have a more convenient ride. It shields your interior from harmful elements that are finding their way into your vehicle's interior. Thus, it gives you the convenience of partly opening your window even when there are strong winds or heavy rainfall. If you want to replace your old window visor, here are simple tips that can help you to install a new one efficiently:

    Tip #1: Ensure that the mounting area is clean.

    Before installing your window visor, you must first clean the area where you will attach it. You can use a degreaser and clean water to remove any dirt, grime, or oily substance. In addition, you can use a rubbing alcohol after washing for a more thorough dirt removal. Keep in mind that your window visor will not be able to adhere to a dirty surface, so you must not ignore preparing the area first for an easier installation.

    Tip #2: Draw temporary markings to serve as guide during installation.

    You must make sure that your window visor is fit for the window area. For this matter, you can draw temporary markings on the spot where you will install your window visor. This can serve as a guide to align it properly. You can ask for someone who can hold your window visor steadily over the window area, so you can be able to do the proper markings.

    Tip #3: Apply gentle pressure to secure your window visor in place.

    If your window visor is tape-on, you can simply install your window visor by attaching the adhesive firmly on the window area. However, you must remember to apply gentle pressure on the adhesive to make sure that your window visor will be installed firmly. You can even use a paint roller to smoothen out the adhesive for a more secure installation. On the other hand, if you have an in-channel type of window visor, it does not need adhesive for attachment. It can easily be inserted into the window channel through friction. Remember to push it carefully until your window visor is locked into place.