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A1 Cardone vs. Replacement: Which Gets the Top Spot in Ignition Distributor Manufacturing?

One of the most important parts of your vehicle is the ignition distributor. Without this part, the right amount of electrical charge will not be distributed to the cylinders' spark plugs, therefore causing ignition complications. Because of its importance, many car parts manufacturers, such as Replacement and A1 Cardone, are vying for the top spot when it comes to manufacturing this part. To help you choose which one will suit your needs the best, here's a list of the different attributes of these two brands.


If you will browse a car parts catalog, you'll notice that the ignition distributors manufactured by A1 Cardone have prices ranging from 38 to 547 USD. On the other hand, Replacement ones cost about 29 to 235 USD. So in terms of price, a car owner can save as much as 312 USD if he or she will go for a Replacement ignition distributor.

WINNER: Replacement


When it comes to warranty, ignition distributors made by Replacement are covered by an unlimited-mileage, one-year warranty, while those that carry the A1 Cardone brand are backed by a one-year, 18,000-mile limited warranty.

WINNER: Replacement

Ease of installation

In order to compare A1 Cardone and Replacement ignition distributors in terms of ease of installation, we installed them on our 2000 GMC Safari SLE. The Replacement distributor fit our Safari perfectly, and it was easily installed because it came with all the parts that we needed such as the module and cap rotor. Likewise, the A1 Cardone ignition distributor was installed hassle-free using simple tools. It fit with no complications whatsoever.

WINNER: A1 Cardone and Replacement

Available product condition

Unlike Replacement, A1 Cardone sells ignition distributors in two conditions: new and remanufactured. Both conditions are guaranteed to be tested for quality and reliability. Thus, car owners have more choices when it comes to product conditions.

WINNER: A1 Cardone

The verdict

Based on the different features discussed above, Replacement has more benefits than A1 Cardone when it comes to ignition distributors. Nonetheless, both brands have advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider before making your final decision when buying a replacement part.