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Ignition Lock Cylinder

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Dead engine? Supply sufficient power to your car and enjoy excellent auto performance by using an Ignition Lock Cylinder or Ignition Key Lock Cylinder now.
Since the era of voice-activated cars is still millenniums away, your ignition system will continue to rely on one of its main components to start your engine. This component is the Ignition Lock Cylinder.
The Ignition Lock Cylinder is an assembly that consists of an ignition switch tumbler and an equivalent set of keys. It's not considered the electrical switch of your ignition system, and most of the time, you'll see it placed at the right side of your steering column. This assembly helps start the engine by igniting compressed gasoline. For superior durability, ignition lock cylinders are made of heavy-duty die cast metal.
As with all parts, this component is bound to wear out overtime. Prolonged use can cause this component to jam. Worse, it can become unusable if you happen to snap the key while it's still inserted. These scenarios will prevent you from starting the engine. That's why you should regularly check your ignition key lock cylinder, and replace it when necessary. You can find suitable replacements on the Web. This component is offered by many online retailers. Different assemblies are compatible with different makes and models, so be sure to check specifications before purchasing a replacement.

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Ignition Lock Cylinder Articles

  • The Automobile Basics: Ignition Lock Cylinder

    Car theft is one of the biggest concerns for vehicle owners. Professional thieves can strike without warning, and in just a few seconds they can already drive away with the stolen vehicle. Car manufacturers are very much aware of this problem, which is why most cars produced today have additional security features like the ignition lock assembly. One of its parts is the Ignition Lock Cylinder. This lock cylinder prevents thieves from starting the vehicle without the key. It's important to keep this part in good condition to maintain your car's security. And when it becomes damaged beyond repair, there is no other way to go about it other than replacement. If not replaced, however, it would be difficult to turn the key, there will be trouble stopping the engine even if the key has been removed and there would be a hitch in locking or unlocking the steering wheel. Actual replacement of the Ignition Lock Cylinder can be a bit complicated. First, the trim panels around the steering wheel must be removed. Next thing to remove is the tamper-proof hardware that links the ignition lock assembly to the steering column. After that, the ignition lock assembly is taken from the column and the Ignition Lock Cylinder is replaced. When it's done, put back all the parts that were removed. Once properly in place, regular maintenance must be done to it to ensure it long and continuous service.

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Ignition Lock Cylinder

    As soon as you settle yourself into your car's driver seat, what's the first thing you usually do? Most drivers stick the keys into the ignition lock cylinder. There's a reason for that.The lock cylinder acts as an anti-theft device for your car. If you don't insert the key into the lock cylinder, there's no way to turn the steering wheel. Once the key is in the lock cylinder, you can turn the key to the start position and crank the engine.Its protective nature requires that you replace the ignition lock cylinder once it starts to malfunction. A faulty ignition lock cylinder may be unlocked with any key (not just your car's keys). Or worse, the damaged lock cylinder may refuse to turn even if the car's key is inserted.To avoid all the hassle, check the lock cylinder once it becomes difficult to use. For your convenience, you can browse our catalogs at Auto Parts Deal for replacement ignition lock cylinders.

    • The lock cylinder prevents your car from being driven without the keys.

    • All our ignition lock cylinders come with matching keys.

    • Our ignition lock cylinders are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.