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Infiniti Antenna

If you are having trouble tuning in stations on the radio in your vehicle, getting a lot of static and interference, the problem will most likely be found in your Infiniti antenna. The best radio cannot provide you with a clear sound without a strong signal from the Infiniti antenna. Those whining and crackling noises indicate poor signal reception, leaving your radio unable to broadcast clearly. The radio stations you tune in to relieve the monotony of the daily commute broadcast their programming into the air with a wave of electromagnetic energy. Your Infiniti antenna is designed to catch these signals from the air with its conductive metal mast. The signal is then transmitted through connecting wires from the Infiniti antenna to the radio. If the Infiniti antenna is operating as it should, giving your radio a strong signal to work with, your radio will decode the signal, add power to it and send it out through your speakers for your listening pleasure. If the Infiniti antenna is loosened or corroded, the transmission of this signal to your radio may be interrupted, leaving your radio unable tune in your favorite radio station. A power Infiniti antenna that will not extend completely can cause poor signal reception as well, leaving you with the annoying hum and whine of static emanating from your speakers. The Infiniti antenna is not difficult to replace, with a few minutes of your time and a set of basic tools you can have the clear sound you enjoy. We carry a selection of quality Infiniti antenna replacements in our online catalog at very reasonable prices. Our secure site makes ordering safe and easy, or our toll-free phone line is just as convenient, staffed with expert customer service people happy to assist you with your Infiniti antenna order.