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Infiniti Brake Disc

The Infiniti brake disc is an important component in the braking system, providing the contact surfaces used by the brake pads to produce friction. The brake pads are controlled by the brake caliper, which uses a piston to move them into contact with the Infiniti brake disc. The brake pads are lined with a compound made up of carbon, metal filings and strong adhesive that gives them a strong grip on the Infiniti brake disc as they come into contact with its surface, causing friction that will work against the momentum of the wheels to stop their rotation. The smooth cooperation between these parts of the brake assembly ensure that your braking system will function reliably when you step on the brake pedal in your vehicle, helping to keep both the vehicle and its occupants safe from harm. Proper maintenance is essential to the braking system, ensuring the efficient function of the components for your safety. If the brake pads are not changed in a timely fashion when their lining grows thin, they can cause damage to the Infiniti brake disc, scoring it deeply as the brake pads contact the surface. If you hear a grinding noise as you apply the brakes, this can indicate just such a problem, requiring immediate attention to avoid damage to the Infiniti brake disc. The brake caliper can cause trouble for the Infiniti brake disc if it is sticking or seized, overheating the Infiniti brake disc, which can cause warping or brake fade. We carry a selection of Infiniti brake disc replacements in our online catalog, all at very affordable prices. Our secure site will make ordering fast and easy or our toll-free phone line is just as efficient, with courteous customer service people to help you place your Infiniti brake disc order.