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Infiniti Distributor Cap

The Infiniti distributor cap is a vital component in the ignition system, helping to bring spark to the engine to aid in the combustion process. The combustion process that produces engine power cannot be completed without the presence of three crucial ingredients in the engine combustion chambers, which are oxygen, fuel, and high voltage spark. The fuel and oxygen enter the combustion chamber in a well-balanced mixture, calculated to ensure enough oxygen in the chamber to burn the fuel efficiently. The final ingredient needed for combustion is the high voltage spark, transmitted through the spark plugs to ignite the fuel and oxygen mixture, starting the combustion process. This spark is carried to the spark plugs by the ignition system in a process that begins with the coil. The coil transmits the high voltage to the distributor through a heavily insulated high voltage wire, to be passed along by the distributor rotor. The distributor rotor is mounted on the center shaft of the distributor, spinning inside the Infiniti distributor cap. As it rotates, the distributor rotor passes a series of electrical contacts, one for each cylinder of the engine. The coil emits a burst of voltage as the rotor tip passes each connection that is transmitted to each contact in turn. As the power reaches the contacts, it is then sent through the ignition wires to the spark plugs. This continuous transmission of high voltage will wear on the Infiniti distributor cap, making periodic replacement necessary to maintain the efficiency of the ignition system. We carry a selection of Infiniti distributor cap replacements in our online catalog. Our great prices and excellent customer service will make ordering your Infiniti distributor cap quick and convenient whether you use our secure site or our online catalog.