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Infiniti Driveshaft

The Infiniti driveshaft is part of the drive train in your vehicle, a series of components that carry the power produced by the engine to the drive wheels. These components include such parts as the clutch, transmission, the Infiniti driveshaft, and the differential. The Infiniti driveshaft is connected to the output shaft of the transmission at one end, and to the differential pinion on the other. The power of the engine is sent through the drive train components to power the drive wheels in a process that begins with the connection formed between the engine crankshaft and the input shaft of the transmission. This connection is formed by the clutch assembly, which, when engaged, locks the engine and transmission together, rotating at the same rate of speed to transmit the power of the engine to the transmission. The transmission then sends the power to the Infiniti driveshaft, to be transmitted by its rotation to the differential, which uses a gear reduction to slow the rotation before sending it on to power the drive wheels of the vehicle. The Infiniti driveshaft extends along the length of the vehicle, from the transmission at the front to the differential at the rear. This length would make the Infiniti driveshaft quite unstable without support, which is provided with the use of universal joints placed at intervals along the Infiniti driveshaft. The universal joints hold the Infiniti driveshaft in its position securely while allowing it just enough motion to flex with the suspension system of the vehicle. Our online catalog carries a selection of quality Infiniti driveshaft replacement parts. Our excellent prices and expert customer service will make ordering your Infiniti driveshaft parts quick and convenient whether you use our secure site or our toll-free phone line.