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Infiniti FX35 Parts and Infiniti FX35 Accessories

Infiniti FX35 Fun Facts

  • The Infiniti FX35 is the perfect example of what a crossover SUV should be. It uses the same platform as that of the Nissan Armada and the Nissan 370Z. The result is a vehicle that has the looks and power of a full-size SUV with the handling of a nimble and sporty sedan. Performance and practicality are offered in this one vehicle. Classified as a luxurious crossover, it already feels like the Infiniti FX35 is a complete car in its own way.

  • Despite drawing designs from an SUV, the Infiniti FX35 struggles to handle as a serious off-road vehicle. This is offset by the sedan-side of the equation. What the FX35 can't achieve on trails, it compensates for dream-like handling on even roads.

  • Executives of the Infiniti FX35 use the terms bionic cheetah and a giant scarab to describe the car's look. One look at the car and its understandable how bionic comes into consideration. Its overall shape and contours appears unlike any other car in its class. Its bug-like shape-flat nose and hunch back-resembles that of a scarab. With a 3.5L, 303hp V6 engine, it definitely is a fast car.

  • Even if the Infiniti FX35 is the entry-level model in the FX lineup, reviewers discovered that there wasn't much that differentiated this car from the stronger FX37, FX37, FX45, and the new FX50. Other than a stronger engine, the overall handling capability of the vehicle was fairly similar across all models.

  • One interesting feature of the Infiniti FX35 is its adaptive AWD system. When the vehicle is relatively slow or tackling a corner, both front and rear wheels are equally powered to limit leans and handling difficulty. Once it comes up to speed, energy is redistributed more to the rear for a smoother and more powerful ride. Technologies and innovations like these are some of the luxuries that the Infiniti FX35 boasts.

  • The Infiniti FX35 boasts a more affordable price tag compared to other cars in the same classification. Against the Mercedes Benz M-class, the FX35 is cheaper by around $4,500. On the other hand, a BMW X5 is priced higher by almost $11,000.

Infiniti FX35 Parts

Infiniti FX35 Articles

  • Infiniti FX35 Problem Spots

    The Infiniti FX35, classified as a luxury SUV, is supposed to be one of the cars that shouldn't give its owner and passengers any problems. Comfort, style, and reliability are only some of the few perks one should get when a car like this is purchased. Contrary to that ideal, it has encountered its own share of problems since it was first released back in 2003. Various issues have been identified and answered by the company as an effort to limit and suppress complaints from its loyal market. Here are some of the major recalls of the Infiniti FX35:

    Fuel leak

    For some units of the Infiniti FX35 produced between 2003 up to 2006, it is reported that the stock fuel filler hose that transports pumped gas to the tank has a tendency to crack and result to punctures. In effect, it is possible that there is a leakage during every time the car is being refueled. There is a risk of ignition and fire which may result to catastrophic consequences. Around 200,000 units are believed to be affected by this problem. Infiniti has ordered a recall on the affected models for the installation of a sturdier part.

    Weak lights

    The Infiniti FX35 also has issues regarding its exterior lighting. For the estimated 100,000 units produced from 2003 to 2006, the brightness of the lights failed to meet the required safety standards. Vehicles with this issue may be difficult to see regardless of the weather. This could result to accidents because of the car's lack in visibility. To avoid any inconveniences, Infiniti has ordered a recall to solve the issue. Owners are advised to bring their car to the dealership for a free installation of brighter lights.

    Unsecured child

    Children and infants should never be in harm's way whenever they are placed inside a vehicle. However, the Infiniti FX35 also has issues regarding the awkwardly placed anchorage that secure a child safety seat to a car. Not only does this lead to some difficulty during installation of the seat, the bad positioning of the system could result to an unsecured setup that can cause further injuries to the child in case of an accident. The affected 90,000 units have been recalled so that the dealership may install a new anchorage system.