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Infiniti G35 Brake Disc and Pad Kit

Tips to Keep Your Infiniti G35 Brake Disc and Pad Kit in Optimum Working Condition

The Infiniti G35 brake disc and pad kit is responsible for helping your vehicle stop safely upon stepping on the brake pedal. Thus, you must always keep your brake disc and pads well-maintained at all times to prevent them from wearing out prematurely. Here are some tips that can help you with that:

  • Maintain your brake fluid to keep the proper functioning of your brake disc and pad kit.

You should keep your brake fluid free from contaminants and in good condition; its level should always be adequate for your braking system. An infected or an insufficient brake fluid can affect the performance of your brake disc and pads. Keep in mind that when you step on your brake pedal, the fluid is triggered and passed onto the brake caliper. This, in turn, allows your brake disc to be squeezed or pressed against your brake pads. Thus, if the brake fluid is contaminated or lacks in sufficient level, then the two braking components will not be able to function properly. You can change your brake fluid in the master cylinder for this matter through bleeding and flushing it.

  • Let your brakes cool down to avoid fading.

The amount of heat generated by the contact between your brake disc and pads should be monitored because a huge amount of heat can be produced whenever you step on your brakes. This can cause brake fade, the condition where your brake disc and pad kit tend to reduce their friction for your vehicle to have a safe stop. When this happen, you must pull over to one side of the road, and let your braking system cool down before driving again. Your brake disc is equipped with internal vents that cool down the generated heat, so they need ample time to do the task at hand. Moreover, do not soak your brakes suddenly in cool water even if they are heated. This is because the water can make the cooling time of your brakes quicker, which can deform the metal components.

  • Use a brake cleaner to keep your brake disc and pad kit protected and working smoothly.

You can use a brake cleaner at least once a month. This cleaner can remove even the small particles that accumulated on your braking components, which can help their proper functioning. The brake cleaner can also help you to have greater access to your brake disc and pads because you need to remove these parts first before you can clean them. In this manner, you can determine any damage that needs to be repaired or replaced.

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  • Common Problems with Your Infiniti G35 Brake Disc and Pad Kit

    Your Infiniti G35 has a durable braking system to keep your vehicle safe when stopping. Two essential components of this braking system are your brake disc and pad kit. When you step on your brake pedal, the brake fluid is circulated on the brake lines and down the calipers. This is attached to your brake disc or rotor, which allow it to press against the brake pads. The friction between the two components helps to bring your vehicle to a safe stop. However, your brake disc and pad kit can wear out over time. Thus, you must know the first indications of problems you may encounter in these components. Here are some of them:

    Rattling and high-pitched screeching noise

    When you step on your brake pedal and you hear noise similar to a rattling and a high-pitched screeching sound, your brake pads and disc may have already worn out. The rattling noise is usually caused by faded brake pads, which must be replaced immediately. On the other hand, the screeching noise is usually caused by the metal shim that aids your brake pads in pressing against your brake disc. The shim also reduces noise from the brakes. So if it is damaged, it will cause the high-pitched noise from the brakes to be heard. Moreover, you can hear a screeching sound from a rusted brake disc, which can easily vanish once the pads make contact with it.

    Reduced amount of brake friction

    This is commonly known as brake fade. The situation often happens when your vehicle is going down from a steep road. You tend to step on your brakes to slow your vehicle down safely. This causes your brake disc or rotor to heat up. Once the heated brake disc presses against your brake pads, the resin material that causes their friction will be affected by the heat from the brake disc. As a result, the resin will vaporize and will not be able to handle the contact of your brake disc and pads. This causes the brake fade or decreased friction between the two braking components.

    Wobbling or vibrating movement

    If you feel like there is a vibration whenever you step on the brake pedal, your brake disc and pads may be having trouble. The situation usually happens when these braking components are already worn out. As a result, they encounter difficulty in pressing against each other to provide friction for your brakes. You can test which part of your vehicle has the worn out brake components by driving on constant speed, then heavily stepping on the brake pedal. If vibration is felt on the steering wheel, then your front brake disc or pads are the ones having problems. On the other hand, your rear brake components need attention if the vibration is felt on the pedal or your seat.