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Infiniti G35 Fender

Ways of Maintaining Your Infiniti G35 Fenders

Imagine your beautiful luxury sedan without its fenders. It's rather hard to do because your Infiniti G35's looks are enhanced by this set of sleek parts. But these wheel coverings are more than just decorative finishes to your car's body. They actually protect your car's other components from road spray. Rocks, dirt, sand, mud, and other debris can be thrown up in the air by your car's fast-spinning wheels as you drive. Ensuring that your fenders are in tip-top shape will allow them to do this important job better and for a longer period of time. Here are some tips for maintaining your Infiniti G35 fenders:

Remember the basics

  • Don't forget to clean the inner walls

    Don't be one of those car owners who always forgets to clean his fender wells. Letting this area accumulate dirt and road debris can lead to expensive repairs. So, make it a point to soak this area with a chemical cleaner before spraying it out with water whenever you wash your Infiniti G35.

  • Remove rust from the fender wells

    It's not too late if you've neglected to clean your fender wells and they've acquired a few rust spots. You can remove the rust with a scrubbing brush, a water-displacing lubricant, naval jelly, and lots of elbow grease.

Add to your fenders

  • Roll up your sleeves and your fenders

    Customizing your Infiniti can take many forms, including replacing your wheels with wider ones. Your fenders are designed with small lips that point inward that may not be able to accommodate these wheels properly. You'll need to change your fenders so your wider wheels don't take their toll. You can do so at home by borrowing a special machine or using a rag-wrapped hammer and a heat gun. Be careful when you do this yourself as you could damage your Infiniti's paint job or push your fenders too much.

  • Show off your fender flares

    If you don't want to take the risk of rolling your fenders, you can also install fender flares. These accessories can extend and expand your fenders to give additional protection to your G35 while simultaneously giving your car a unique look.

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