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Infiniti G37 Parts and Infiniti G37 Accessories

Infiniti's lineup of luxury vehicles has always been popular in North America thanks to their classy looks and entry-level prices. Being Nissan's luxury vehicle brand, Infiniti sedans and SUVs are made with attention to detail and strict manufacturing methods that give their vehicles that unique Japanese look and feel. One of the brand's latest models is the Infiniti G37, a compact executive luxury car that's been in production since 2007. As a fourth generation model under the Infiniti G-Series of vehicles, the G37 has better parts and accessories compared to earlier models under the same line.

Infiniti G37 parts included a variety of upgraded components over previous vehicles from the Infiniti G-Series. This includes a heavily revised 3.5-liter VQ35HR engine, a 5-speed automatic as its standard transmission system, and a variety of interior and exterior trim redesigns. Later on, Infiniti G37 models from 2009 and up received self-healing paint technology that was developed for the Infiniti EX35. This special paint employs a special layer of top coat that can heal small scratches and minor swirl marks. Infiniti also came up with a coupe body style for the G37 with similar specifications, albeit in a much slimmer and sportier look and feel. All G37 models were made with power and luxury in mind, and it's easy to see with how they've designed the vehicle from the ground up.

The Infiniti G37 also came with special trim packages that added even more performance and value to the stock vehicle. Upgrades include upgraded brakes, suspensions, and wheels. Trim packages allowed owners to customize the look of their vehicle allowing for various internal and external changes. As a fairly new vehicle, G37 owners shouldn't have any problems searching for aftermarket parts. Repair and maintenance is quite easy and most replacement components and accessories are readily available online.