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Infiniti I30 Parts and Infiniti I30 Accessories


Famous as one of the world's leading automobile engine manufacturer, Nissan has created and introduced many automobiles in the automotive market; vehicles in different models and platforms and in different marquee. Among those Nissan-created vehicles parading the streets and display centers are Infiniti vehicles. The Infiniti is an automobile marquee created by Nissan as its luxury automobile brand, particularly in the US, Canadian, Middle Eastern, South Korean and Taiwanese markets. Mostly, Infiniti vehicles are created based on the same platform as those of Nissan models. However, Infiniti models feature more powerful engines, tuned suspensions, steering systems, and more luxurious interiors than most Nissan vehicles. Traditionally, Infiniti models' name designation includes one letter for coupes and sedans, two letters for SUVs and a number reflecting the engine displacement of the vehicle. And among such is the Infiniti I30; created with especially designed Infiniti I30 parts and features suited for high-end vehicles.
The Infiniti I30 was introduced in the market in 1996; it was a front-drive, 4-door based on the design used in Nissan's Maxima. It was then available in two models, the I30 base and the I30t. Both of these models carried great features like dual airbags, antilock brake system, power windows, door locks, audio system with CD player, power driver and passenger seats, climate control and remote for trunk and fuel door. It also features optional equipments like traction control and cold weather package that includes heated outside mirrors and heavy-duty battery. Along with the maxima, the Infiniti I30 sported a 3.0 Liter V6 engine rated at 190 horsepower; these powertrain includes dual camshafts. A 5-speed manual transmission is standard while a 4-speed automatic can be obtained as optional feature. Since the Infiniti is a luxury vehicle, its great features are expected to be complemented with quality parts as well; and that's what the I30 really does have.

The I30, naturally, is composed of many different parts a vehicle should have; these parts must at all times work in harmony and should at all times damage-free so the vehicle can function well in turn. Parts are standard in every vehicle; these includes engines, transmissions, suspensions, brakes, radiators, catalytic converters, exhaust manifolds, hoods, bumpers, spoilers, doors, windshields, windows, etc. And in case you need replacements for such parts, there are wide array of choices available in the market for you. OEM replacement parts, aftermarket parts, factory original parts or even used Infiniti I30 parts are available as your options.