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Infiniti I35 Splash Shield

Two Things that Could Affect Your Infiniti I35 Splash Shield

Your Infiniti I35 splash shield is one of the most underrated parts of your vehicle. Made to protect your sedan's sensitive components from early wear, the splash shield takes in plenty of abuse from varying environmental and driving conditions. Because of its unfortunate location, your car's splash shield becomes easily damaged. Below are two things that could prevent your Infiniti I35 splash shield from doing its job properly:

Cracked splash shield

Road debris, bumps, and dips can rupture your car's splash shield. While replacing the shield might sound like a good idea, you can save dollars from purchase by simply repairing the damaged part. If the damage is not too big, you can use polyester resin for sealing the cracks. A little bit of sanding may be required to even out the surface. Once the chink has been sealed, you can apply a bit of primer on the splash shield. Wait until the primer is completely dry and coat the shield with matching paint. However, if the crack is too large to be sealed by resin, it might be a good idea to have the shield replaced. Look for one that's made from fiberglass or high-density plastic for increased durability.

Loose-fitting shield

If a splash shield is not clipped on properly on the underside of your car, there's a tendency that it will hang on one side or fall off completely. If the splash shield is merely hanging, the aerodynamics of your vehicle will be affected. Aside from reducing your vehicle's performance by creating more drag, a loosely fitted splash shield also creates an annoying, rattling noise underneath the engine. Locate the clips that hold the rest of the splash shield in place. Check if all clips are sitting snugly against the splash shield and your car. This prevents the splash shield from coming off completely. Although some people prefer to remove the splash shield from their vehicles to improve aerodynamic performance, it might be best for you to keep it in place. Taking it out will expose your car's engine to harsh road elements that could hamper your vehicle's performance.

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  • A Four-Step Guide to Having a Durable Infiniti I35 Splash Shield

    Driving through water and mud can create a lot of damage on your engine. The water and mud splatter can corrode the metal parts of the engine block. When that happens, your engine might break down prematurely. It's a good thing that your Infiniti I35 splash shield is installed under your vehicle to prevent your car from sustaining damage. Unfortunately, the splash shield can wear out rather easily. Here's how you can protect your Infiniti I35 splash shield from becoming damaged:

    Always make sure that the splash shield is clean.

    Dirt on the splash shield is not only unsightly; it also hampers the performance of the accessory. To ensure that the splash shield doesn't wear out faster than expected, make sure to include it in your car cleaning routine. Cleaning the splash shield shouldn't take more than 30 minutes to finish. It's a preventative measure that will keep your splash shield from drying out due to caked-on mud.

    Use only a mild automotive detergent and water in cleaning the splash shield.

    Like most vehicle accessories, the splash shield can easily become damaged due to the harsh chemicals found in most commercial car cleaners. To prevent damage due to a bad chemical reaction, make sure that your automotive cleaner doesn't contain any strong chemical that may alter the composition of the splash shield. If you don't want to use a commercial car-cleaning product, any mild detergent fond in your home will do.

    Conduct a regular inspection of the splash shield.

    Because of its unfortunate location, the splash shield may easily become cracked or broken. Bumps and sharp objects on the road can pierce the splash shield, making it less efficient in protecting the engine and other sensitive car components from damage. To prevent that, do a regular visual inspection of the underside of your car. Check if there are small cracks that need to be sealed out. Repair the damage, if possible, to save on money from a splash shield replacement. Additionally, check if the splash shield is loosely connected to your vehicle. If it is, you might need to reattach the splash shield for security.