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Infiniti M35 Parts and Infiniti M35 Accessories

Seven Little-Known Facts About the Infiniti M35

  • The M35 was the Infiniti’s debut into the luxury sport sedan market. Its predecessors, the Infiniti M30 and the M45, were designed as a midsize coupe/convertible and a sedan, respectively. The M30 was sold from 1990 up to 1992, while the rear-drive V8-powered M45 was manufactured between 2003 and 2004 until it was discontinued in favor of the third-generation M-series sedans.
  • In the Japanese market, the M35 was rebranded as the Fuga. Both cars are nearly identical except that the Fuga replaced the M35’s V8 engine for the V6, as Infiniti’s parent company opted instead to have the hybrid version offered as the performance option.
  • The M35 was widely used as a prop in the US TV comedy-drama Desperate Housewives and as well as for several episodes of the detective series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. An Infiniti M35 hybrid was also featured in an episode of Cars.TV.
  • The M35’s design was said to be inspired by the organic design of undersea creatures and the “coke bottle” style, a car design popular during the 1960s and 1970s wherein the overall body shape resembled the classic glass Coke bottle.
  • The sedan has won numerous awards and recognitions, including the Interior of the Year by Ward’s Auto, one of the Top 10 Cars of 2011 under the luxury category by Popular Mechanics, and the Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.
  • A hybrid version of the Infiniti M35 set the Guinness World Record as the fastest full hybrid car at the Britain’s Santa Pod Raceway in August 2011. The M35 averaged a time of 13.9031 seconds after multiple runs in the quarter-mile track, beating the previous record of 13.8960 seconds.
  • The M35 hybrid is one of only two models that features an alarm system emits jet-like sounds while driving under low speeds. The sound generated is a sine-wave tone that ranges from 600 and 2.5 kHz, which makes it audible to children and adults alike, with the frequency varying depending on whether the car accelerates or slows down. The sounds stop once the car reaches 19 MPH.

Infiniti M35 Parts

Infiniti M35 Articles

  • Infiniti M35 Common Problems 9 September 2015

    Introduced in 2003, the Infiniti M35 was the first model made under Infiniti’s M-series line of luxury sport sedans. The M35 was highly praised for its quality and performance but criticized for its lack of style and roominess, although later redesigns resolved these issues with a more well-rounded design with ample amounts of headroom and legroom. In its most recent models, the M35 was repackaged with tons of features including a sport suspension system, climate controlled seats, and a hard drive-based navigation platform.

    Attractive and capable, the M35 combines the power of a performance sedan and the elegance of a luxury car. But despite these improvements, it is still plagued with several technical flaws. The following are some of the more common problems encountered by Infiniti M35 sedan owners.


    Owners of 2006-2009 M35 models have reported a groaning noise from the steering rack when centering the steering wheel after turning right at slow speeds. The noise is most noticeable when the sedan is driven from a cold start. In most of these cases, the noise was corrected by installing a new steering rack and getting the wheels realigned.


    The gadgets that come with the succeeding models of the M35 have also been known to cause issues. The door mirrors, for instance, have been reported to malfunction and refuse to move entirely. The problem is often traced back to a fault in the car’s mirror actuator and must be replaced. However, if replacing the mirror actuator still does not solve the problem, the issue may be with the door mirror assembly itself.

    In addition, calls made using Bluetooth phone devices may not be heard clearly or the volume may be diminished while inside the car, although this can be rectified by increasing the volume of the microphone or using a stronger microphone device.

    Anti-Lock Braking System

    The traction control/anti-lock brake system ABS/slip warning lights in more recent M35 models have been reported to light up with code C1142. In such cases, the brake light switch and brake pedal must be checked; if they are functioning properly, the problem can be traced to a broken or defective ABS control module and actuator.