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Infiniti M35 Fog Light

Dealing with Infiniti M35 Fog Light Problems

The different kinds of lights installed on your Infiniti M35 are all very important when it comes to road safety. The fog lights, for instance, help the headlights illuminate the road when weather conditions are unfavorable. However, these lights may fail and cause troubles. So you won't get stuck in the middle of nowhere with a faulty fog light, listed below are some of the common issues that you may encounter with this part and what you should do to solve them:

Dim fog lights

If the fog lights of your Infiniti M35 are very dim, then you should check their bulbs immediately. Usually, after six months or so, car experts recommend bulb inspection because fog lights may flicker or become dim over time. In case the bulbs are the culprits behind this problem, then you need to replace them at once. Fortunately, this is an easy DIY project, and you don't need special tools to accomplish it. Just make sure that your replacement bulbs' part numbers correspond to the numbers of the ones that you are replacing.

Misaligned fog lights

Just like headlights, your Infiniti M35 fog lights should also be properly aimed to avoid causing inconvenience to other drivers. What's more, if these lights are misaligned, you might find it difficult to see the road in front of you during harsh weather conditions. As a solution, you need to readjust your fog lights. To do this, just park your M35 25 feet away from a wall. Then, adjust the lights and make sure that the tops of their beams are resting four inches below the center mark of your headlights.

Dirty fog lights

Over time, the fog lights of your vehicle will become dirty due to condensation. As a result, you will have a hard time navigating roads under unfavorable weather conditions because the fog lights will not be as bright as before. Although other drivers may suggest immediate replacement, you can also try cleaning the lenses of the lights with toothpaste especially if you don't want to spend a lot of money. However, don't forget to allow the fog lights to dry for a few hours before reinstalling them to avoid further damage.

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  • Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Infiniti M35 Fog Light Working

    Fog lights are indispensable parts especially when you're driving under harsh weather conditions. This is why keeping them in good condition is something that you should not overlook. Listed below are some tips that you should take note of if you want to take care of your fog lights properly:

    Clean your Infiniti M35 fog lights routinely.

    If you want your vehicle's fog lights to last for a long time, then you have to make sure that you will clean them routinely. Failing to do so will only result to hazy lenses that will compromise your safety while on the road. To effectively clean your fog lights, you can use denatured alcohol or white toothpaste. However, make sure that you will not abrasive materials when applying the cleaning solutions to avoid scratching the lenses.

    Check the adjustment of your vehicle's fog lights before taking it out for a drive.

    Your fog lights are very important, so you have to make sure that they are properly aimed all the time. Unfortunately, due to age and minor collisions, these lights eventually fall out of alignment. Once this happens, you have to readjust the lights to avoid accidents and glare. To do this, just rest the beam of your M35's fog lights four inches below the center of the beams of your headlights.

    Conduct a routine maintenance of your Infiniti M35's fog light bulbs.

    According to car experts, the bulbs of your vehicle's fog lights should be inspected every six months to avoid problems. However, in case you overlooked this particular maintenance tip, then you have to brace youself for various fog light-related problems. For instance, if the bulbs are too dim, then you need to replace them immediately with high-quality ones. Just make sure that the replacements you are going to buy are made for your vehicle's make and model.

    Refinish your fog lights when necessary.

    Over time, the lenses of your Infiniti M35 fog lights will become pitted due to road debris and other kinds of contaminants. Although many car owners may tell you to install new lights immediately, you can still try refinishing them to save some money. However, because sanding glass fog lights is very risky, make sure that you will read instructions and guides carefully before resorting to this option.