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Infiniti Tailgate

A damaged Infiniti tailgate can take your Infiniti out of the realm of exceptional and deposit it right in the world of the ordinary. Dents are an eyesore where any vehicle is concerned, but an Infiniti is held to a higher standard. Besides the cosmetic faults in having a dented Infiniti tailgate, however, there is the threat to the structure of your Infiniti's body that a damaged tailgate can present. Dents lead to an uneven surface which paint cannot properly adhere to, resulting in its eventual raising up off of the surface of the body and chipping off. Once this begins, your body will be left without a paint finish to protect it from moisture, which during the winter months can contain melted road salt, which can eventually lead to rust. The biggest problem with rust is that it is voraciously hungry and will not be satisfied to simply consume just the small part at the site of a dent, but will probably eventually on to eat through the whole panel on your Infiniti tailgate. And if left unattended for long enough, your entire Infiniti tailgate can get rusted, and worse, the rust will begin to spread to other parts of your Infiniti's body. If you have damage on your Infiniti tailgate, and are ready to remedy it, you'll find just what you need for your year and model in our well-organized online catalog. You can easily place your Infiniti tailgate order on our securely encrypted site, which will keep your sensitive information private. If you prefer to order your Infiniti tailgate by phone, you can do so through our toll-free number, which will connect you to one of our customer service specialists.