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Make your car breathe. Transform your vehicle into a living, breathing powerhorse. Make it breathe with Injen's line of products that are specifically designed to revolutionize your car's intake and exhaust processes efficient and complete. Injen's line of intake and exhaust systems include a line of Injen Cold Air Intakes, Injen Intakes and Injen Exhaust Systems.

The Injen Cold Air Intakes is an efficient system that can feed cool air to your engine. It can be a perfect fit for your vehicle and for your wallet. Cold air intakes deliver air through a free-flowing air filter and smooth intake passages. And the result is a cooler, denser air delivered in greater quantities at higher velocities to your throttle body.

Injen's Car Intakes are for those who are conscious of looks and are after horsepower gain at the same time. Not only does Injen dedicates itself to making precisely crafted cold air intakes, they also back it with a limited lifetime warranty to ensure a quality intake for years to come. On the other hand, Injen's Exhaust System is designed to provide easy flow through the use of larger pipes than the stock system, and a series of well-designed bends. It adds more horsepower to your vehicle by allowing the exhaust to flow freely out of the combustion chambers.

Get more out of your automobile by making it perform better. Make it exceed its capabilities by making it breathe efficiently. Boost up your car's exhaust system by gearing it up with Injen. For with Injen, your vehicle can truly breathe.

Injen Brand Articles

  • Tips on Buying Injen Air Intake

    If you're in the market for increased torque, the Injen Cold Air Intake provides just what you're looking for. Currently featuring a system for the 2005 Pontiac G6, a popular street machine with sleek lines, agility and power, this vehicle is augmented by the Injen Cold Air Intake. Bring your G6 driving experience up to a whole new level and gain 10 horsepower and 9 ft. lbs of torque with this custom system, featuring a two-piece design that can be used as either a Cold Air or a Short Ram. The Injen Cold Air Intake system offers more fun for your G6 or other sport power vehicle.
    Injen Intakes provides cold air for your engine, and cold air means more power. Find an Injen Intakes to suit you and your vehicle with five different systems to choose from. The traditional IS Series, constructed with a 6061, T-6 alloy to ensure lightness, is designed to be placed in the stock location of the factory airbox system. For additional performance, the EIS Cold Air Extension adapts to the IS series system but can be removed when conditions are wet, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy cold air power any time. Best of all, Injen Intake systems are easy to install and remove.
    Even though Injen Intake systems provide outstanding torque improvement, you can enhance your vehicle's performance further with an Injen Exhaust system. Achieve optimum performance with these dyno-tuned exhaust systems that work hand-in-hand with performance intake systems. The stainless steel constructed Injen Exhaust systems are durable and built to last: mandrel-bent with machined flanges and welded with a robotic TIG welder. Injen Exhaust systems are built with pride for a quality product that endures.
    For the absolute best in vehicle performance, and to get top operation from your intake and exhaust system, use a quality Injen Filter. In 1999, Injen manufactured the first urethane air filter. The Injen Technology Research and Development team carefully calculated the pleats and mesh on the filter, which features a cotton gauze filter element and a built-in velocity stack for added performance. Injen Filters provide thousands of miles of air cleaning and durability.

  • Choosing the Right Injen Product, For the Right Job

    Injen filter and exhaust products are designed to complement each other in a full free-flow air cycle for your engine

    By using a velocity stack incorporated into the air filter, the Injen air intake can flow a higher volume of air than its competition

    Injen products reflect the company's focus on performance for your sport compact car without sacrificing parts quality and longevity

    Add an Injen exhaust to your Injen filter-equipped ride to get the benefits of a system that's designed to work together

    Whatever your priorities are when looking for an intake, chances are an Injen cold air intake meets your needs. Let's start with the obvious: more horsepower. Each Injen cold air intake fits into either the stock airbox location or into the high-pressure area behind the bumper to scoop more cold air into the ductwork. Speaking of ductwork, on an Injen cold air intake, it's made of aluminum for light weightthe less weight you have, the faster you go. But what about air filtration? A high-flow air filter fits on the front of your Injen cold air intake to ensure that the cold air is also clean air. Your filter is washable and reusable too, so you won't be swapping filters on your Injen cold air intake often, if ever. What about wet weather? There's an extension for your Injen cold air intake that allows you to reroute your intake air during heavy rain to reduce the chance of water ingestion. And for ease of installation, most Injen cold air intake systems are single piece, except where mass airflow sensors dictate an alternate design. Your Injen cold air intake will look killer under your hood too, with its aluminum ductwork snaking around your engineheck, tell your friends it's a turbo! After all, with the engineering that goes into an Injen cold air intake, you'll definitely be enjoying a boost when you stomp on the loud pedal.

    It sort of defeats the purpose of gaining a few extra horsepower from a cold air intake if that intake weighs so much it offsets the power gains. That's why every Injen intake is built from ultra lightweight aluminum tubing. The Injen intake couples state-of-the-art computer design techniques with the best materials available to create a powerhouse cold air delivery system that barely adds anything to your vehicle's curb weight. It all starts with the high-flow filter on your Injen intake. The filter ensures that only clean, cold air is delivered to the engine via your Injen intake, and that as much air as can be injested by the Injen intake can be delivered by the filterthat's an important thing to consider. Some high flow intakes can flow more air than their filters can deliver, which simply wastes intake tube volume. The Injen intake then routes that cold air to the throttle body through silicone couplings and the aforementioned aluminum ductwork to ensure a lightweight, leak-free path. Where applicable, provisions are made for mass airflow sensors, and some Injen intake products have removable tube sections to protect your engine in wet weather conditions. So what you end up with by installing an Injen intake is more power and less weight, and that basic recipe has been winning drag races and road races alike since the beginning of motorsports.

    Though Injen exhaust products are specifically designed to complement the company's top-notch intake systems, you don't have to have an Injen intake to enjoy the benefits of a replacement high-performance Injen exhaust system. In fact, if you're contemplating a performance build on your car and your exhaust is already shot, an Injen exhaust may be the perfect first installation for you, after which you can move on to other parts. Here's what you get with an Injen exhaust system: The SES line of Injen exhaust products incorporates 100% stainless steel construction with performance features like mandrel-bent tubing. The result is exceptional longevity and the power and torque increases you'd expect from a high-flow Injen exhaust system. The flanges on your Injen exhaust are all CNC machined for perfect fit, and robotic TIG welding on seams is employed so everything lines up every time. When you combine an Injen exhaust with an Injen intake, get ready for a real surprise. The two components are dyno-tuned together by Injen so that when they're paired up, you get some real power gains. So have some fun with your ride and get premium parts to boot. Add an Injen exhaust with or without an Injen intake and hang on!