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Intake Manifold

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For your car's engine to work at its best, fuel-air mixture should be evenly distributed among the engine's cylinders. And that's what the intake manifold does. The intake manifold directs air-fuel mixture from the throttle body to the plenum. The plenum, in turn, feeds the mixture into lines leading to each of the engine's cylinders. The even distribution of combustion mixture to each cylinder head ensures that the engine's capacities are maximized. The intake manifold also serves as a supporting structure for other engine parts, such as the carburetor and the fuel injectors. Despite this manifold's usefulness, though, frequent exposure to fluids and pressure makes it prone to corrosion. When that happens, your best option is to replace the damaged intake manifold with a new unit. When it comes to the right replacement, Carparts is a site you can depend on. Here, you can definitely find the best replacement intake manifolds at the cheapest prices online.

• Distributes the combustion mixture evenly to each intake port in the cylinder head

• Available in cast iron, aluminum, or plastic

• Comes with all the hardware needed for easy installation