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Interior Trim Kit

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If the trim fits, flaunt it. If there's one thing that separates tricked-out, luxury cars from their ordinary brethren, it would have to be the special trims on the interior panels. Usually made of plastic, wood, chrome or even carbon fiber, these trims add sophistication and elegance to a car's interior.If think your car's interior panels could look better, you may want to try out an interior trim kit. The kit can instantly change the way your car's cabin looks, without costing you a fortune. You should know, though, that installing trims requires thorough cleaning of the panel surfaces.It's recommended that you use isopropyl alcohol and cotton for cleaning surfaces, especially those that have been treated with repellant sprays. Test the surface by attaching a piece of tape to it. If the tape sticks easily, then it's ready.Otherwise, keep cleaning it until the tape readily sticks. You'll easily find an interior trim kit of any color or design here at Carparts.

• Made of ABS plastic for a tighter fit

• Available for various makes and models

• Includes 2-year factory warranty