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Isuzu Amigo Soft Top

Important Maintenance Tips for Isuzu Amigo Soft Top

The soft top of the Isuzu Amigo, unlike its hardtop counterpart, is much easier to remove for open-air driving, but it comes with the downside of being more difficult to clean. Soft tops are easily stained by dirt, mud, and brake dust and have a specific cleaning regimen that's tailored to the material the top is made of.

Cleaning the soft top can be quite a hassle, but it is necessary to ensure that the top remains in good condition. To help you with this, we've compiled some essential cleaning and maintenance tips you can use on your Isuzu Amigo soft top.

  • Clean vinyl tops using a vinyl cleaning solution.

Vinyl soft tops are waterproof, making it a bit easier to wash, but also tends to yellow with age due to sun damage. To clean and restore vinyl tops, you will need to wash the surface with a vinyl cleaning solution. Let the cleaner sit for 5 to 15 minutes depending on how dirty the top is, and scrub with a nylon brush. We recommend starting in one section in a circular motion and slowly work across the rest of the top to ensure all areas are thoroughly cleaned. Rinse well and pat dry with a soft cloth.

  • Provide canvas tops with a distinct type of care.

Canvas tops, on the other hand, are constructed differently than their vinyl counterparts and require an entirely distinct type of care. Unlike vinyl, canvas is not waterproof and can be hard to dry off once it is soaked with water. Instead, the canvas should be sprayed with a special canvas cleaner and scrubbed with a soft-bristled brush to lift up dirt and muck that's deeply embedded into the fabric. In addition, canvas is also more vulnerable to rips and tears than vinyl, so make sure to check the top thoroughly for damage while cleaning it.

  • Use protectants.

Aside from washing, we also recommend spraying the top with protectant afterwards to further restore its original sheen and protect it against the elements. Canvas and vinyl tops have their own respective types of protectant: canvas protectant, for example, contains rubber compounds that help the fabric repel moisture, while vinyl protectant is geared more towards shielding the top from harmful UV rays and retaining its suppleness. These protectant products are often found in auto parts and hardware stores, although you can also buy them online.

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  • Installation Tips for the Isuzu Amigo Soft Top

    The soft top offers Isuzu Amigo owners the safety and comfort of a hardtop but with the additional benefit of being lightweight and easy to remove. However, soft tops are quite finicky, so installing them require precision and care to ensure a perfect fit and prevent it from becoming damaged.

    In this guide, we'll share some handy tips you can use when installing a new Isuzu Amigo soft top.

    Tip #1: Before starting, check the frame.

    Run your hands up and down the frame several times, checking for binding or areas that can potentially pinch the fabric. Make sure that both sides go up and down evenly, and check for any irregularities. Finally, drape your new top over your truck's old top and compare the fit.

    Tip #2: After getting it out of its packaging, let the top breathe.

    Soft tops are often compressed by folding or rolling it up to save on packaging, so when you take it out of the box it takes on a crumply, wrinkled form. Installing the top at this state may lead to problems achieving a proper fit in the frame, so we recommend laying out the top overnight so that it can "breathe" for several hours and expand to its actual state. This is especially important for vinyl tops, as the wrinkles on vinyl surfaces tend to be more visible than those on canvas.

    Tip #3: Consider replacing the cushioning pads as well.

    Soft tops often have cushions in place on the metal frame to prevent the fabric from rubbing against and being damaged by the metal surface. Over time, these pads will also start to deteriorate from age and may not hold up as well with the new top.

    Tip #4: Once installed, spray the top with protectant.

    Soft top protectant is specially formulated to help repel dirt, stains, and moisture as well as prevent it from fading, cracking, and drying out. Vinyl and canvas soft tops have their own respective types of protectant, so make sure to use one that matches your top. If the top is dusty or otherwise dirty, have it washed first.