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Isuzu EGR Valve

Lending assistance to two separate vehicle systems, the proper function of the Isuzu EGR valve is important to the efficient operation of your vehicle. The Isuzu EGR valve is mounted to the intake manifold of the engine in most vehicle models, assisting in the emission control system, as well as the ignition system. In older vehicle models, the Isuzu EGR valve is operated mechanically with a vacuum connection, while in late models it is electronic. The Isuzu EGR valve helps to reduce the harmful emissions of the vehicle by increasing the efficiency of the engine, helping it burn fuel in a clean and efficient manner, and assisting in the prevention of detonation, or engine knock, in the cylinders during the combustion process. When there is a clean burn of the fuel in the combustion chamber, there is less pollution generated by the evaporation of unburned fuel, reducing the output of chemicals from the vehicle. Detonation is the explosion of fuel in the chamber, rather than the clean burn of fuel, leading to inefficient engine performance and poor fuel economy, as well as a high level of pollution produced in the emissions of the vehicle. The Isuzu EGR valve helps to keep the chemicals emitted by your vehicle to a level that is acceptable under the stringent vehicle emission standards in effect today, allowing your vehicle to pass the emissions inspection process. Our online catalog carries a selection of quality Isuzu EGR valve replacements at very reasonable prices. Our secure site makes ordering safe and efficient or our excellent customer service will make it just as convenient to order your Isuzu EGR valve when you dial our toll-free phone line.