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Isuzu I-mark Brake Disc

Spotting Problems on the Isuzu I-mark Brake Disc

The brake disc is known to be one of the most essential parts of the Isuzu I-mark. It serves as a key addition to the brake system because it is the part that actually stops the car regardless of its speed. The brake disc improves the functionality of the vehicle on a much higher level while also strengthening its safety features. After some time, though, the Isuzu I-mark brake disc will start manifesting signs of wear and tear. It is a gradual process, which is also why it is important for you to know how to identify problems on your car's brake disc. Here are some of the most common signs you should look for when checking the condition of your brake disc:

Worn-out brake pads

The brake pads are an important component of the braking system. Oftentimes, they show signs that indicate brake disc wear. After constant friction and contact with the road and other parts of the brake system, the pads get thinner and thinner until such time that they need replacement. Once you notice that your car's brake pads get worn out easily, proceed to inspect your brake disc right away.


Since the brake disc is usually made from iron and is in constant contact with other metals, it is bound to get rusty after sometime. And if you don't know, corrosion contributes to the demise of your car's brake disc, sometimes even prematurely. This usually happens when the car is slightly used and is often left in the garage. Rust can easily be seen on your brake disc, but it can also be fixed in no time. If you want to avoid rust from accumulating on your disc, take time to apply a generous amount of lubricant on it.

Brake disc noise

Another common sign of a worn-out brake disc is a constant squealing noise on your car. It is considered as one of the most difficult problems to solve because there are several factors that could be behind this dilemma. Usually, the annoying sound is caused by excessive vibration brought about by defective brake pads. If the brake disc on your I-Mark is in bad shape, you will hear a squealing sound that lasts for several seconds each time you step on the brakes.

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  • Taking Care of Your Isuzu I-Mark Brake Disc

    Since the brake disc plays the biggest role in the brake system of a vehicle, it is just apt for you to know how you can possibly prolong the life of the one in your car. The Isuzu I-Mark brake disc is no different from all the other brake discs mounted in other car models, which means that taking care of your brake disc is not an impossible feat. Here are some of the simplest things you can do to effectively preserve your brake disc:

    Use the right cleaning tools.

    A lot of people are under the impression that cleaning the brake disc of a car is pretty much the same as cleaning other automotive parts. Actually, certain cleaning procedures do not apply to all parts like the brake disc. Plenty of automotive experts suggest that you only use isopropyl alcohol when removing dirt from your car's brake disc. Alcohol is believed to be a better cleaner than the brake disc cleaners offered in the market. But if you still prefer using cleaning solutions specially made for the disc, there is also no problem with that. Just make sure that you do it for at least twice a month to prevent dirt and rust buildup.

    Apply lubricant on the brake disc when necessary.

    Lubricant application is one of the most effective quick fixes for a problematic and rusty brake disc. It allows you to get rid of rust and some dirt that has accumulated on the brake disc, eventually improving the overall performance of your car. However, it is not advised for you to apply lubricant all the time as it may also cause some problems on the brake system of your car. What you have to do is do it only when necessary; when you start hearing whirring sounds from your brake disc, or when you begin to notice a significant dip in your I-Mark's performance.

    Schedule a regular inspection.

    A regular inspection can do wonders for you and your car. You may be caught up with too much work, but you still have to set some time to check your vehicle to know whether it is still in good working condition or is already in bad shape. Conducting a thorough inspection is not very difficult, anyway. You just have to spend some time in assessing the components of your brake disc and decide if they need immediate repairs or replacements.