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Isuzu Starter

Your Isuzu starter works hard every time you start your vehicle, especially when you start that cold engine for the first trip of the day. Drawing power from the battery, the Isuzu starter uses a small electric motor to turn the crankshaft of the engine through a few rotations to move the engine parts through the cycle necessary to begin the combustion process. In a cold engine this is a tough job, as the engine oil is cold and thick, not yet able to lubricate the engine parts properly to avoid friction between them as they move, causing a great deal of resistance to the effort applied by the Isuzu starter. The Isuzu starter turns the crankshaft to start the engine using a pinion gear that is designed to mesh with a ring gear on the flywheel. Most Isuzu starter models then use a gear reduction to increase their torque output, reducing the strain placed on the electric motor as the crankshaft is turned. Once the engine begins to function under its own power, the Isuzu starter is disengaged from the flywheel and its electric motor will switch off. The daily repetition of this tough task can take its toll on the Isuzu starter, gradually reducing its power and efficiency. Often the wear will begin to show gradually, with the Isuzu starter beginning to have intermittent difficulty starting the engine, often having trouble when the engine is hot, and functioning again once it has had time to cool. Our online catalog carries a selection of quality replacements for your Isuzu starter at very reasonable prices. Our user-friendly and secure site is available for safe and easy ordering, or you can dial our convenient toll-free phone line to order your Isuzu starter with the help of our courteous customer service assistants.