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Isuzu Vent Visor

Remember those triangular side vent windows that used to come on every vehicle? They were great for providing just enough ventilation in your cab without letting in the elements. Most vehicles no longer come with side vent windows, but you can achieve the same protection and add a touch of style with an Isuzu vent visor. Isuzu vent visors are curved plastic or acrylic bars that mount above your windows. When you roll your windows down partway, an Isuzu vent visor acts to keep rain, snow and insects out while still letting fresh air in. You may know that cracking a window is a faster way to de-mist your windshield in the morning. When it's raining or snowing, you can de-mist fast without getting wet with an Isuzu vent visor. Another benefit to the Isuzu vent visor is noise reduction. Installing an Isuzu vent visor cuts down on wind and traffic noise when you're rolling down the road. Are you tired of having wet arms whenever you use a drive-through window in the rain? An Isuzu vent visor will protect you from the rain and snow that still gets by drive-through overhangs. Best of all, Isuzu vent visors are easy to install. You don't need to drill any holes or invest in special tools to enjoy the protection and convenience of an Isuzu vent visor. Check out our online catalogue for a wide variety of Isuzu vent visors in many different styles and colors. You can get clear, smoked, or frosted Isuzu vent visors for your vehicle and enjoy all of the benefits of a side vent window at a great low price. Enjoy the convenience of ordering through our toll-free number or our secure online server.