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Isuzu Wiper Arm

Keeping your windshield crystal clear is important to your driving safety. If you have just installed brand new wiper blades, and your windshield is still streaked, smudged, or not as clean as it should be, the problem might lie with your Isuzu wiper arms. Your Isuzu wiper arms are the plastic or metal extenders that connect your wiper blades to your wiper motor. Though most drivers give consideration to the blades or the motor when their windshield wiper system is not working, few look to their Isuzu wiper arms as a possible culprit. If your brand new blades are skipping, streaking, or missing some of the areas on your windshield, your Isuzu wiper arms may not be providing the proper tension needed to hold the wiper blades firmly against the glass. Within your Isuzu wiper arms are springs that create tension for the blades. There are also clamps on your Isuzu wiper arms that keep your washer fluid lines in place. Some Isuzu wiper arms also have a hinge that allows you to bend the blades away from the windshield for easier cleaning and snow or ice removal in the wintertime. If you find that your Isuzu wiper arms are not performing their best, you can pick up replacement Isuzu wiper arms from our vast, easy to navigate online catalogue. Just select the Isuzu wiper arms that are made for your vehicle's make and model, and you will be on your way to a cleaner windshield with your new parts delivered straight to your door. Take advantage of our convenient ordering options: you can opt to place your order via our secure online server, or by calling our toll-free service number.

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