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Johann Baptist Winklhofer, the appointed Councilor of Commerce by his Majesty the King of Bavaria, founded Iwis. Initially the company produces detonators but after World War I, the company began to produce chains for two-wheeled vehicles. This was just the start, more and more products were later on added to their lineup. As the company grows and as demands for better products and services increases, acquiring quality certifications and awards has become a priority. The company was able to receive the Ford Q1-Award (basing on the DIN ISO 9002), DIN ISO 9001, 1996 Bavarian Quality Award, 1998 Environment Award, QS 9000, DIN EN ISO 14001, DIN ISO 9001:2000, VDA 6.1, ISO TS 164949, so forth and so on-the list goes on. All these certifications and awards just show that Iwis is truly a topnotch company.

Iwis' products are popular across the globe. As a matter of fact, its one of the chosen brand by most DIY communities and automakers when it comes to timing drives/engine systems and drive systems. What set Iwis' products from the other brands? This brand used only superior quality materials for their products and utilized only the most advanced technology in the production of their products. It also innovates continuously to come up with new standards for new product development. Truly, this brand has become the epitome for high quality and superior performance.

Iwis' timing drives are the best in the world. Just what are timing drives? Timing drives systems operate power engine camshafts and are available in belt drive or chain drive systems. However, in recent years more and more auto manufacturers have shifted from using belts to chains. Chain drive systems make use of roller chains or silent chains. These chain types have different performance characteristics when it comes to compactness, durability, and noise.