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Subframe mounts are part of the suspension. These rubber mounts go in between the frame and the front crossmember of the vehicle. Moreover, subframe mounts are mounted vertically into the chassis. These mounts are made of rubber and due to their material composition not to mention the extreme pressure that it has to endure, subframe mounts can get damaged over time. When this happens the suspension of the vehicle becomes affected. Vibration in the cabin of the vehicle is an indication of a worn out subframe mount. You would need to replace the subframe mounts if you want the vibration to stop. A high quality J&L subframe mount is a good option for replacement.

The washer pump is commonly found in the windshield working with the windshield wipers. It is a small motor that is connected to the washer fluid tank. It provides the power required to shoot a jet of washer fluid into the windshield to help the wiper wipe all the debris. In order for the pump to function properly, it is hook to a power supply and the intake hose. Installation of the water is very easy and takes only a few minutes to do. But of course, if it's your first time to do it, we highly recommend that you get yourself a reliable auto repair manual. As for the washer pump to install we suggest that you get a J&L washer pump. It's durable and performs really well.

To keep your vehicle in tiptop condition it is vital that you conduct regular preventive maintenance especially of the vulnerable parts such as the subframe mount and the washer pump. Fortunately, there's J&L subframe mount and washer pump that you can rely on for replacements. J&L has been in the business for many years now and is trusted brand by a great number of DIY communities in the world. Its products are produced to match and exceed manufacturers' specifications for quality and wear performance.