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Jaguar A/C Condenser

If you are not as cool and comfortable as you would like to be in your vehicle, you may have a leak in the Jaguar AC condenser. This air-conditioning component can be vulnerable to damage, as it is positioned at the very front of the vehicle, just behind the grille. Rocks and debris capable of causing dents or punctures in the network of delicate fins of the Jaguar AC condenser can easily strike this area. Moisture and grime from the road can collect in this area as well, splashing in through the grille. The Jaguar AC condenser is a long tube that carries highly pressurized refrigerant on a winding path, through the network of fins, to be cooled by the flow of air from both the fan and the breeze of the moving vehicle. The refrigerant is then ready to travel along the circuit of the air-conditioning system, back to the evaporator to produce cold air inside the vehicle cabin. As this pressurized refrigerant passes through the system, any area of the Jaguar AC condenser that has been previously been weakened by damage or corrosion has the potential of becoming a leak. Even a very small breach in the Jaguar AC condenser will affect the efficiency of the air-conditioning system greatly, as the pressurized system will push the refrigerant out with great force, unlike a passive leak which simply drips out with gravity. If your Jaguar Ac condenser is in need of replacement, we carry a quality selection at great prices in our online catalog. Our expert customer service will make ordering your Jaguar AC condenser fast and efficient, whether you use our secure site or our toll-free phone line.