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Jaguar Air Filter

As you drive your Jaguar, air is collected by the cold air intake and transported to the inside of the engine, and mixed with fuel to support the combustion process. Internal components of the engine could be seriously damaged if there is any dirt or other substance in the stream of air, but that is where the Jaguar air filter comes into the process. While ensuring that the engine receives the proper amount of air to run, the Jaguar air filter removes any dangerous materials from the airflow. Over a period of several months, the particles will become so dense on the surface of the unit that it will soon be very hard for the engine to get the required amount of air. At this time, you will have to remove the old Jaguar air filter and replace it with a new one. Our online catalog has the perfect Jaguar air filter to fit your vehicle, and with our very low prices, you might as well order a few to have a replacement on hand when you need it. We ship all orders over $50 via ground shipping for free, so thinking ahead can result in even more savings. Our standard Jaguar air filter is made to the same specifications as the original unit, and comes with a full warranty from the manufacturer. For a little more money, there is a better option available. Our upgraded Jaguar air filter features improved airflow and better filtering abilities, simply by replacing the paper medium with cotton. Beyond that, the upgraded Jaguar air filter is reusable, meaning you need only to wash it and reinstall it when the filter becomes clogged. With our low prices and quick shipping, our online catalog is an extremely convenient place for all of your Jaguar part and accessory needs.