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Jaguar Brake Dust Shields

Brake dust is not only nasty to look at; it is also not very healthy for your vehicle's brake calipers and springs. Picking up a set of Jaguar brake dust shields is a sensible way to keep your car, truck, or SUV looking great while providing a bit of extra protection. If you own a Jaguar, it is a likely assumption that you want your vehicle looking and performing great. Jaguar brake dust shields give you a boost in both categories. What is the purpose of a Jaguar brake dust shield? More and more manufacturers are replacing powdered metal brake pads with softer varieties that wear down faster, but protect your rotors longer. The drawback to these softer pads is that they generate more brake dustthat black, sooty grime that coats your wheels after you drive. Jaguar brake dust shields are durable aluminum or vinyl matte-black liners that fit inside your wheels and prevent brake dust from getting through your spokes. Most Jaguar brake dust shields have turbo vents that promote air flow and allow your wheels to "breathe." Jaguar brake dust shields are easy to install and provide instant benefits. You will notice the lack of grime on your wheels the first time you drive your car, truck, or SUV with your Jaguar brake dust shields in place. You can pick up a set of Jaguar brake dust shields that will fit your vehicle's make and model when you browse our vast online catalogue. We'll ship your new Jaguar brake dust shields right to your door, so you can start parading your wheels with pride. Nothing looks worse on a Jaguar than dirty wheels. Protect your vehicle's impressive appearance with a set of Jaguar brake dust shields.

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