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Jaguar Control Arm

When most people think suspension, the first things that come to mind are generally coil springs, shocks, and struts. However, attaching each wheel to your suspension system you will find one or more Jaguar control arms. Some cars, trucks or SUVs have up to four Jaguar control arms at each wheel. The Jaguar control arm typically has a ball joint at one end and rubber bushings at the other. The function of the Jaguar control arm is to allow free up-and-down movement of your tires, which contributes to vehicle support and supplies a smooth ride when you drive over road imperfections. Most often, damage to your Jaguar control arm occurs when you hit a large pothole or other obstacles that jar your vehicle. The Jaguar control arm can become bent, which cramps your car's ability to move with the road. This in turn can cause repercussions throughout your suspension system. If you have problems with your Jaguar control arm, it is a good idea to check out the rest of your suspension system and change any worn parts such as shocks or springs at the same time. You may simply need to replace your Jaguar control arm bushings, as these rubber parts are subject to deterioration over time. Whether you need new Jaguar control arm bushings or replacement Jaguar control arms, you will find the parts that are made for your vehicle in our extensive, easy-to-search online catalogue. You can order all of your suspension system components from one place, and have your new Jaguar control arm along with your struts and springs shipped right to your door with your choice of ordering through our toll-free number or via our secure online server.

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