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Jaguar Distributor Cap

The Jaguar distributor cap is an essential part of the ignition system in your car, truck, or SUV. Along with the rotor and spark plug wires, the Jaguar distributor cap is responsible for providing the necessary voltage to ignite your fuel and provide your engine with the power it needs to run. The Jaguar distributor cap is the unmovable housing that surrounds the rotor and controls the timing of the spark plug firing sequence. Voltage flows from the battery to the center of the Jaguar distributor cap, and from there it travels out to the terminals that control the opening and closing of spark plug points. Your Jaguar distributor cap handles well over 20,000 volts at a time. In a typical four-cylinder engine, the Jaguar distributor cap diverts the flow of electricity more than 1,500 times per minute while the engine is idling. As you can imagine, the Jaguar distributor cap must be in top form to contain and direct such a large amount of electrical power. Problems with the Jaguar distributor cap most often occur over time, as the electrical currents will develop carbon tracking and cause misfires. If your Jaguar distributor cap is cracked, contaminants can enter the rotor and cause stumbling or hesitation. You can visibly check your Jaguar distributor cap for damage. If there are no cracks, but you are still experiencing misfires, check your Jaguar distributor cap's performance by opening the hood at night with the engine running. If you notice sparking on the cap, it is time to replace your Jaguar distributor cap. Regardless of visible or noticeable damage, your Jaguar distributor cap should be replaced at least every two years or 15,000 miles due to carbon buildup. Select the Jaguar distributor cap that fits your vehicle's make and model from our easy-to-navigate online catalogue.