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Jaguar Fuel Pump

Your Jaguar fuel pump resides inside the gasoline tank of your car, truck, or SUV. The Jaguar fuel pump is an electric motor that is constantly running as it serves to deliver fuel to your engine. Since your Jaguar fuel pump is working whenever your engine is on, this part is particularly subject to heat damage. The Jaguar fuel pump is located inside the gas tank because the fuel itself serves to cool it down and keep its moving parts working. When your Jaguar fuel pump is not at the top of its game, you may experience hard starting, misfires, stalling, and sluggish acceleration. You may have heard that you should keep your gas tank at least one-quarter full at all times. This is not a preventative measure in case you run out of gas; rather, it is an important step in maintaining your Jaguar fuel pump. In addition to the loss of cooling power when your gas tank runs toward empty, you also risk allowing your Jaguar fuel pump to suck up the sediment that often collects at the bottom of your tank as rust and corrosion form with age. This can clog your Jaguar fuel pump and render it inoperable. There are often a number of warning signs that your Jaguar fuel pump is about to fail. These include starting difficulty, poor engine idle, and loss of power. Unfortunately, the Jaguar fuel pump cannot be repaired. If you are experiencing problems with your Jaguar fuel pump, you will need to install a new pump. Browse our online catalogue for the replacement Jaguar fuel pump that is made for your vehicle and restore your car, truck, or SUV to its former power levels.