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Jaguar S-Type Parts and Jaguar S-Type Accessories

Jaguar Cars has been making some of the best luxury vehicles in the world ever since the company started manufacturing automobiles back in the 1950s. One of the best cars that they've produced is the Jaguar S-Type, a 4-door saloon that was made from 1963 up to 1968. This vehicle embodies much of the company's distinct style that it was actually remade into a more modern looking mid-size executive vehicle that was also called the S-Type and was manufactured from 1999 up to 2008. These models were made decades apart, but it's easy to see that they are clearly made by the same company thanks to their unique "Jaguar" look.

Because of the two very different versions of this particular vehicle model, Jaguar S-Type parts are understandably unique for both cars. The 1963 version used a 3.8-liter engine, independent rear suspension, twin wishbone front suspension, and a Burman power steering system. The modern Jaguar S-Type has updated parts including a V6 engine, choices between an automatic or manual transmission system, and more. An even better version of this vehicle, the S-Type R, was made with upgraded parts and trims and was easily the most expensive S-Type when it came to base prices. Sadly, the S-Type models didn't last very long and were replaced soon after.

Both versions of the Jaguar S-Type were popular during their times, but were discontinued shortly when sales figures started to decline. The 1963 S-Type was outsold by the Jaguar Mark 2 and was later replaced by the Jaguar XJ6 when it was discontinued in 1968. The modern S-Type was in production for a longer period but was then discontinued back in 2008 when it was replaced by the Jaguar XF. Although both vehicles have been discontinued, proud owners can still repair and maintain these beautiful automobiles thanks to available aftermarket parts.

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