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Jaguar Shock Absorber And Strut Assembly

Your Jaguar shocks are an essential part of your suspension system, and serve to help make that smooth, controlled ride you enjoy so much in your vehicle possible. Working in partnership with an assortment of suspension parts, your Jaguar shocks help to control the energies created by traveling over differing terrains and rough roads. As you travel over differing surfaces and bumps in the road, your springs take the jolt and prevent you from feeling it, for the most parts, and prevent your vehicle steering from being affected. Your springs do this through motion, doing what springs do, but without the Jaguar shocks to bring that motion under control, you'd be presented with another problem - the affect of the near perpetual motion of the springs on your ability to control your vehicle. Your Jaguar shocks also help to control the movement of your weight of your vehicle, controlling the shift of weight from back to front, which is essential for safe braking and other driving situations. If you can feel in the handling of your vehicle that your Jaguar shocks are becoming less effective in their performance, worn to the point where your handling suffers and those bumps are being felt much stronger than they used to, it is important to replace them without undue delay. That's because of the way that suspension parts tend to be interdependent, working cooperatively to achieve the goal of a safe, controlled and comfortable ride. When one component of the suspension system, such as the Jaguar shocks, is not working as it should, then the other parts that depend on its action or work closely with that particular component are likely to be stressed more than they should be, perhaps even more than they can tolerate, which can result in further damage to the suspension system, damage that will require even more of your time and money to repair. You can order your reasonably priced Jaguar shocks and other suspension parts online, via our secure site, or with a fast toll-free phone call.