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Jaguar Spark Plug Wire

Your vehicle's ignition system is made up of a group of parts, including your Jaguar spark plug wires, that manage the spark necessary to the combustion system for the fuel burn. The spark that is managed by the ignition system is heavy duty, remarkable really, when you think of it taking place right under the hood of your vehicle, with your Jaguar spark plug wires handling up to 100,000 volts. This powerful voltage and the heat that it produces contributes heavily to the wear and tear experienced by the ignition system parts, which is why your Jaguar spark plug wires and other major ignition system parts are usually replaced once a year, during the annual tune-up. Replacing your own Jaguar spark plug wires is a fairly simple process, as long as you take care to make sure you do not mix their order. If you install your Jaguar spark plug wires in the wrong order, you'll end up with a vehicle that runs poorly, may not be able to stay running or may not even be able to start at all. The easiest way to avoid such errors is to work with only one of your Jaguar spark plug wires at a times, as if you don't pull the old ones all at once, there's no way that confusion will occur. Our online catalog features a variety of Jaguar spark plug wires, a selection that includes the standard stock style replacements, as well as higher performing types, which may be the best choice for engines that have had performance modifications. Our live help system is available through our website if you'd like further information about how high performance Jaguar spark plug wires can serve your vehicle. When you're ready to order your Jaguar spark plug wires, you can use our securely encrypted ordering site with confidence, as your important data will be protected. If, however, you prefer to order your Jaguar spark plug wires by telephone, a fast toll-free call will connect you to a member of our customer service staff who will be happy to assist you.