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Jaguar X-Type Parts and Jaguar X-Type Accessories

Fast Facts about Jaguar X-Type

  • Jaguar is known to build large and luxurious machines, until the debut of Jaguar X-type in 2002. It made its mark as the company's first compact executive car after the Jaguar Mark 1 in 1955.

  • The Jaguar X-type became the smallest and cheapest of the Jaguar model range, and it is also the first-ever five-door station wagon manufactured in series production by the company. It was inspired by the very successful world car platform, the 2000 Ford Mondeo (or Ford Contour in the US).

  • Despite the remarkable attempts of the Jaguar X-type to boost the company's sales, to outshine its competitors, and to make history, Time Magazine placed the Jaguar X-type as the fifth in its "50 Worst Cars of All Time" list for being a costly, poorly engineered, British version of the Cadillac Cimarron. The X-type and the BMW 7-series are the only sedans in the bottom five of the list.

  • Jaguar Land Rover announced that the production of the X-type would end by late 2009 on July 15, 2009; the same day that the Caspian Airlines flight 7908 crashed in Iran. Over 160 people died in the said crash, while about 300 employees of Jaguar lost their jobs. More than 350,000 units of the face-lifted X-type model were produced before it was completely shut down. This could be attributed to the low sales of the X-type in 2003.

  • In 2014, Jaguar is expected to release the successor of the X-type to compete with the BMW 3 Series. A cheaper, but more powerful compact car is anticipated to debut as the latest X-type. However, it seems like two new Jaguars-the XF and the XK-are already ahead of this X-type model revival. The 2014 Jaguar X-type is set to return on the road on 2014.

  • Although the X-type is the most affordable Jaguar ever built, some of the unique options and features of this model include motorized seats, rain-sensing windshield wipers, and a touch-screen DVD-based satellite navigation system. It is also powered by a 3.0-liter engine that runs from 0 to 60 in about 7.1 seconds.

Jaguar X-Type Articles

  • Jaguar X-Type Problems

    The Jaguar X-Type is a compact executive car produced from 2001 to 2009. The smallest car of the automaker's model range, it was sold in saloon and estate variants. While the Jaguar X-Type has earned a modest reputation, owners of this model should look out for the following common problems.

    Transmission failure

    One of the most common problems with the Jaguar X-Type is the premature automatic transmission failure. This problem must be diagnosed by a certified mechanic to determine if the system can still be repaired or if it will have to be replaced.

    Engine oil pan gasket

    The engine oil pan gasket, which is the working seal between the oil pan and the lower part of the Jaguar X-Type's engine, can develop a leak. Leaking oils may then accumulate on the exhaust system, resulting in a burning smell. To correct this leak, simply replace the faulty engine oil pan gasket.

    Coolant-transporting plastic lines

    The small plastic tubes that carry the coolant to the Jaguar X-Type's radiator may become brittle and eventually break. This may cause the coolant to leak out and make the engine overheat. While there is no definite solution for this problem, owners have no choice but to replace the damaged plastic lines.

    Coolant reservoir

    Aside from the small plastic lines, the plastic coolant reservoir itself is also prone to leaking. Jaguar X-Type owners have reported the component to lose coolant without any known cause. Some have even said that the coolant may just pool under the engine compartment. If this occurs, immediately inspect the coolant reservoir for cracks. Do not neglect any leakage as this may cause the reservoir to fail and lead to the engine overheating.


    On Jaguar X-Types equipped with LHD manual transmissions, the handbrake, which works the parking brake, might not be able to apply pressure to the brake pads to prevent the car from moving. This usually happens if the manual transmission was left in the neutral position. The automatic adjuster within the handbrake might not also work properly. This could cause the handbrake lever to travel outside the recommended range. If this happens, the car may roll away and crash. Owners of manual transmission-equipped Jaguar X-Types, particularly 2002 and 2003 model years, should go to the nearest Jaguar dealer. They will replace the existing automatic adjustment handbrake lever system.

  • Six Interesting Trivia about the Jaguar X-Type

    The Jaguar X-Type is the smallest of the Jaguar model range, and it was marketed in saloon and estate variants. This model was the first estate manufactured in series production by the automaker.

    The Jaguar X-Type was one of the last vehicles to be designed under the supervision of Geoff Lawson. He became well-known as Design Director for the company from 1989 until his death in June 1999. During his career, Lawson won numerous awards for his designs at Jaguar. He also led a major expansion of the automaker's styling resources and facilities at their Whitley Engineering Centre.

    Despite being the first ever estate manufactured in series production by the company, the X-Type estate was actually the second Jaguar estate car. In North America, the estate variant was officially known as the "Sportwagon." It was the first Jaguar model designed by Ian Callum, British car designer and successor of Geoff Lawson as Design Director for Jaguar.

    In the designing stages of the Jaguar X-Type, the compact executive car was given the codename "X400." Even before the final concept was introduced to the public, the company had already announced that the X400 will directly compete with other small executive saloons. These included BMW's 3 Series and the Audi A4.

    In 2004, the automaker released the Jaguar X-Type 2.5 AWD Spirit Limited Edition, which featured the company's "Sports Collection" accessory body styling package as standard. This package gave the X-Type a more athletic, sportier appearance. It comprised the following features: a front lower spoiler different from the other X-Types, black mesh finish for both upper and lower grille openings, lower side sills, and a new, lower rear valance. The limited edition model also featured a more pronounced rear boot spoiler and newer exhaust tailpipe finishers.

    The Jaguar X-Type was lightly based on a modified version of the Ford CD132 platform shared with the 2000 Ford Mondeo. It was Ford's midsize car automobile platform from the early 1990s and was designed to serve as the automaker's "World Car" platform. According to the New York Times, the Ford CD132 platform "represents the most ambitious effort by the American automaker in epitomizing mass production." This statement referred to the fact that Ford designed a car that can be built and sold in pretty much the same form all over the world. While its development took six years and 6 billion USD, the company expected to save 25 percent on it compared to developing separate models for different regions.

  • Jaguar X-type Common Problems

    Launched in 2002 and dubbed as the smallest and the most affordable Jaguar ever, the Jaguar X-Type is known for its compact size and powerful performance. Unfortunately, this Ford Mondeo-inspired state wagon ranked fifth on the Time Magazine's list of '50 Worst Cars of All Time.' It won't be on the top five of the list for nothing, right? X-Type owners and drivers should know better. Here are some of the common problems that they shared about their Jag:

    Jammed door handles

    Owners of the earlier Jaguar X-Type vehicles until the 2004 model have been complaining about stuck exterior door handles, especially on the driver's and the passenger's side. They said, there's no problem opening the door from the inside, but there's always a need to apply more force when opening the door from the outside. While this is only caused by a simple linkage problem, riding an expensive Jaguar from the other side is indeed embarrassing and inconvenient. There was no recall issued to fix this problem, although this is a typical scenario for X-Type owners.

    Faulty boot release mechanism

    Aside from the door problems, X-Type owners have also reported incidents wherein their trunk/boot won't open. A faulty trunk release button that seems to engage but fails to open has been causing inconvenience to several X-Type owners. Like the door handles, the problem could either be caused by a faulty linkage, a blown fuse, or just a stuck trunk latch. Since the trunk won't open, owners are forced to get into the trunk through the rear seats, or simply leave their stuff in the trunk.

    Cruise control problem

    In 2011, about 18,000 Jaguar X-Type vehicles were recalled in the United Kingdom for a possible cruise control problem. The recall was issued for 2006 to 2010 X-Type models with diesel engines, which have cruise control switches that doesn't work or won't turn off. According to the X-Type owners, this problem would require an engine restart to cancel the cruise control function. Fortunately, there were no reported incidents related to this problem before the recall, but this glitch would cause tremendous road accidents if Jaguar didn't act upon it immediately.