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Two Most Common Gripes with the Jaguar XJ

While the British Jaguar never quite reached the levels of acclaim and praise that German and Italian luxury car brands reached, it was nonetheless a very well-respected luxury brand. The venerable Jaguar XJ-first released in 1968-is one of the best full-sized luxury cars to roll of the assembly lines. The key was its simple reliability. It never blew away the competition, but to own one meant that you had a classy and generally problem-free luxury car at your disposal. It's difficult to find fault with the XJ as not many people have complained about it. Still, to keep you informed and ready if you own one-or plan to own one-we have compiled the two most commonly encountered problems with the XJ.

Flickering headlights

This problem is experienced with the 2005 Jaguar XJ. Though exceedingly rare in occurrence, it's a potentially dangerous one. After several minutes of use, users in all cases state that the lights then start to flicker before going dark completely. A restart temporarily alleviates the problem-only for it to recur once again. Given the importance of lights to road safety, it needs to be addressed the minute you experience it.

No recall orders were ever issued, and few dealers cover the problem with their warranty. However, a replacement of the entire headlight assembly including the wiring is a safe and far surer option. Certain dealers will naturally replace the headlights with the same brand.

Engine hiccups

The 2000 release of the Jaguar XJ manifests this particularly difficult problem. Simply put, there are instances where the owner experiences an abrupt and complete loss of power from the engine while driving. So far the problem is very rare and hasn't caused any mishaps, but it's a troubling potential danger that has to be dealt with. Some owners even report that the engine initiates failsafe mode by itself with the result being the same: loss of power.

Worryingly, no recall orders were issued, and many dealers have been unable to replicate the problem. The only solution is a complete overhaul of the engine which is costly-especially if the warranty has already expired. Jaguar is very forthcoming, however, and easy to deal with.