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Jaguar XJ12 Antenna Seal

Usual Symptoms of a Problematic Jaguar XJ12 Antenna Seal

If you are the type of driver who wants to listen to the radio while driving, you may give special consideration to your car's antenna. It is a crucial part in receiving radio signals that make your radio work. Since the antenna mast protrudes from your car's body frame through an opening, the antenna seal protects your cabin from rainfall and other contaminants. If you want to keep your cabin in good shape while listening to your favorite radio station, you should know when the antenna seal is taking its toll. Following are some signs:


Since the antenna seal is located outside your car, it is exposed to different elements that damage it in the long run. When this happens, the seal develops a crack and becomes brittle, making it unable to protect your car's body frame from different contaminants. Aside from this, it would be unpleasant to see. When you notice that the antenna seal is cracked, you need to replace it as soon as possible before it rains or snows.


The purpose of the antenna seal is to keep contaminants and other elements away from your car's interior. If there is water leaking from the antenna, the seal is not doing its job very well. It may have become loose or brittle due to sunlight and constant vibrations it is exposed to. When this happens, you need to clean your interior and tighten the antenna seal. If the seal is damaged beyond repair, you may need to have it replaced as soon as possible.

Missing Jaguar XJ12 antenna seal

When you notice that the antenna seal in your car has been missing, it is an ultimate sign of a problem on the part. It has reached the point of damage where it falls unnoticed right out of the car. Over time, the seal deteriorates because of different elements. To avoid such circumstance, it is advisable to check the antenna seal from time to time. This lets you fix the seal whenever it comes loose.

Poor reception

A damaged Jaguar XJ12 antenna seal makes the antenna mast move loose. This results in bad radio signal reception characterized by a lot of static sounds. When you experience this problem and the wires are all good, never forget to check the antenna seal and adjust it if necessary.

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  • Proper Care for Your Jaguar XJ12 Antenna Seal

    If you are the type of owner who values the music and news heard from the radio, you may also adore the radio antenna of your car. More than receiving radio signals, your antenna mast adds a bit of edge to the overall look of your ride. With this, you should also give special attention to your antenna seal. This is the rubber seal at the base of your antenna mast. It protects the cabin of your car from external elements and contaminants. Aside from the mast, you should also protect this seal from early damage. Following are some ways:

    Regularly check your antenna seal.

    Your antenna seal is located outside your car, making it exposed to different elements such as sunlight, rain, snow, and road debris. Over time, these elements can affect the seal until it becomes brittle and cracks. The worst case scenario which is experienced by a lot of owners is when the antenna seal has already fallen off unnoticed. To avoid such circumstance, check your Jaguar XJ12 antenna seal every so often. This allows you to replace or fix it before things get worse.

    Spray silicone on your antenna seal before going to an automatic car wash.

    If you are fond of taking your car to automatic car washes, you may need to be extra careful with your antenna seal. It may break when sprayed with water from a high-pressure hose. When this happens, a leak develops at the base of your antenna mast. As a result, water gets into your cabin and damages some electrical parts. Spraying silicone on the seal before going to an automatic car wash adds an additional layer of protection to the it.

    Use lithium grease when installing your new Jaguar XJ12 antenna seal.

    Early damage to the seal may take place while forcing it into the antenna mast base. That is why the common method of installing your antenna seal is from under the car frame. However, this can be quite a tedious job as it requires removing the headliner of your car. A good alternative is by simply sliding it into your mast and placing it around the base. White lithium grease would help in avoiding any friction and strain that can cause early damage to your antenna seal.