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Jaguar XJ8 Parts and Jaguar XJ8 Accessories

Five Things to Know About the Jaguar XJ8

  • The British luxury vehicle Jaguar XJ8 has been featured in two James Bond movies along with other high-end, automobile names like the Land Rover and British Leyland. The XJ8 appeared in Casino Royale in 2006 and Quantum of Solace in 2008. Although James Bond didn't own a Jaguar XJ8 in the movie, the main antagonist in Casino Royale, Le Chiffre, owns one.

  • The Jaguar XJ8's aluminum superstructure gave it a distinct advantage over its established European competitors. The XJ8 model with a 3.5 engine is lighter because it only weighed 1,615 kg, compared to the Benz S350 and BMW 735i that weighed 1,810 kg and 1,950 kg respectively. This innovation placed the Jaguar brand back into the mix in the stiff competition of luxury cars.

  • The term "Vanden Plas" that was used as the trim line of the Jaguar XJ8, came from an interesting history. Vanden Plas was actually the name of a Belgian company of coachbuilders in the late 1800s. The company's name later on became the designation for top-end luxury models from the British Leyland and the Rover Group. The etymology of the word came from the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. The literal translation of Vanden Plas is "of the pond," and its pronunciation includes the "s" at the end, rather than omitting it because of the usual misconception.

  • One of the perks of having a Jaguar XJ8 is the wireless Homelink Control System. This means that you don't have to open the garage door anymore when you are entering or leaving your driveway. Another one is the picnic table at the back of the front seats, just like in an airplane. However, the picnic table is only available for the Jaguar XJ8 Vanden Plas and the Super 8 trim lines.

  • The Jaguar XJ8 is included in the Mark III series, aka X350, of the automobile brand. Aside from the XJ8, the series includes other models like the XJ8, XJR and Super V8. Although there are only very slight differences on how these vehicles look, the type of engine is what sets them all apart. Ford, the American automobile company, has contributed greatly in the creation of the series, particularly the XJ8.

Jaguar XJ8 Parts

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  • Jaguar XJ8 Problems

    As stylish and elegant as its predecessors, the Jaguar XJ8 arrived in the late 90s with the same luxurious appeal and a lighter, aluminum body. It also had the classic leather and wood-trimmed interior. The vehicle also has features like the universal remote transmitter for security, memorization of settings for up to three drivers, and electronic brake force distribution among many others. Despite these nifty modifications, however, there had been some common problems car owners encountered with the XJ8, and the list below shows some of them.


    Jaguar XJ8 owners have complained about the vehicle's engine and the engine's cooling system. The Jaguar XJ8 base trim line had an 8-cylinder, 4.0-L engine. There had been incidents, according to them, that the vehicle suddenly stalled without prior warning, and it occurred mostly at highway speeds around 60 to 70 mph. This problem was common on the 1998 model of the XJ8, although it was not a critical issue the following years. There had been no official statement or recall from Jaguar regarding the engine issues of the vehicle.

    Fuel system

    Another critical problem of the Jaguar XJ8 was its fuel system. The problem had originated from the fuel filter's connector because the o-ring wasn't seated correctly on the fuel line. Thus, the inadequate sealing has resulted to a fuel leak. There had been 88,303 units of the 1998 XJ8 model on record that were said to have been affected by this problem.

    A recall in 2006 had solved the issue as the fuel filters of the vehicles, along with the other parts, have been replaced free of charge.

    General issues

    Other problems with the Jaguar XJ8 were the vehicle's suspension and automatic transmission system. The suspension system of the vehicle sometimes gets "too low" and the warning device suddenly lights up, alarming the driver even at high speeds. With the automatic transmission system, there are instances wherein the transmission fluid begins to leak due to a faulty output flange and seal. Some owners brought their vehicles to the dealership to have their cars fixed, while others opted to have their car fixed in a repair shop instead to lessen the possible cost due to expensive Jaguar XJ8 parts.